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  1. Cellular Detox Support - Bupleurum & Rehmannia
  2. Virugomax
  3. Return to Youth Formula
  4. Ginseng Supportive Combination
  5. Ten Complete Supertonic
  6. Codonopsis and Astragalus
  7. Cultured Cordyceps Mini Drops
  8. Zizyphus Dreamzzz Mini Drops
  9. Desert Cistanche Mini Drops
    Desert Cistanche Mini Drops
    • Mini-size perfect for trial and on-the-go!
    • Made with premium wild Cistanche stalks
    • From the desert of Western Mongolia
    • A superior kidney tonic herb
    • Supports male sexual health
    • The "herb of Genghis Khan," who as emperor used Cistanche the way previous Chinese emperors used Ginseng to support his health and sexual potency
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  10. Coriolus Mini Drops
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