Food Safety Labels

Food Safety Labels

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Dragon Herbs products are designed to help promote radiant health, that is, health on every level of your being. In order to achieve higher health we’ve taken a look to the refrigerator. Yes, that is correct: your refrigerator. Experts say the average fridge is a breeding ground for bacteria and the cause of most food-borne illnesses.  With a few steps of extra care you can prevent up to 25% of the outbreaks. We are proud to offer a new labeling system to monitor food in your fridge. The Dragon Herbs food safety label system is designed to record the amount of time a food item has been in your fridge, and whether or not it is safe to consume. Our Food Safety labels are designed for easy, one time use with optimal legibility. -9

Who can use it?
330 labels.
Use it to mark the expiration date for your food.
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