Fritillary Lung in Retort Pouch

Fritillary Lung in Retort Pouch

  • Soothes temporarily dry or parched throat and lungs
  • Contains premium quality Fritillaria bulb (an herb that comes in many grades)
  • Helps maintain skin moisture
  • With Great Salt Lake trace minerals with low sodium content
  • Contains Luo Han Guo fruit: a lung tonic that adds sweetness to your elixir
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Product Description

Respiratory Support

This is an ancient lung-soothing elixir composed of premium quality Fritillaria bulb and the nurturing and moistening Asian pear. This eloquent combination has been used as a home-elixir to support the lungs, mind and complexion for over two thousand years in Asia. It is highly beneficial for soothing temporarily dry or parched throat and lungs and helps maintain skin moisture. Fritillary Lung is ideal during warm dry seasons and helpful in arid environments for safeguarding the lungs and skin. The Fritillaria bulb comes in a staggering range of qualities from different locations throughout the Far East. Dragon Herbs uses only premium quality Fritillaria bulbs to make this elixir. The formula contains rock sugar and trace element-rich minerals, which have been mandated in this formula for over a thousand years. We now use minerals from the Great Salt Lake because of their superb mineral content (at least 82 trace minerals) and low sodium content. This elixir also contains Luo Han Guo, a wonderful lung tonic that also adds a delicious flavor to the elixir.

Ingredients: Fritillary bulb, Dried Pear fruit, Rock Sugar, Great Salt Lake Trace Minerals powder, Luo Han Guo fruit

Traditional Function
Support the Lungs, mind and complexion.
Who can use it?
7 pouches, 4 fl. oz. each
Other Ingredients
Purified Alkaline Water
1 pouch per serving with 8-12 oz. of liquid of choice
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  1. "I have asthma and allergies. My lungs feel so clear since I started drinking this tea! It is ragweed season and I haven’t needed my inhaler since the tea."

    Elizabeth , Lungs feel clear!

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