Healthy Vinegar 13 oz

Healthy Vinegar 13 oz

  • Delicious and complex flavor profile, superior to Balsamic vinegar in flavor and in function.
  • Beijing Medical University concludes that Healthy Vinegar supports and maintains healthy blood triglycerides and lipids levels.
  • Contains important heart healthy herbs such as Crataegus and Red Dates.
  • Thousand-year-old recipe, made by a 700 year old vinegar brewery.
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Product Description

For centuries, a small town in central China has been famous as the origin of the most delicious vinegar in China. One of its famous vinegars contains heart-healthy ingredients, including important Chinese herbs. This particular vinegar, simply called “Healthy Vinegar” in China, helps support cardiovascular health. Dragon Herbs is very pleased to offer this incredible and truly delicious vinegar in American. Use as a tonic. Consume one-half ounce, two times per day, straight or diluted with water. Or use on salads with walnut or olive oil.

Healthy Vinegar




Ingredients: Spring water, Sorghum, Barley, Peas, Honey, Red Jujube Dates, Peanut, Crataegus, Licorice, Cane Sugar.

Contains Peanuts.

Traditional Function
Improves blood circulation throughout the body
Who can use it?
13 fl. oz.
Consume one-half ounce, two times per day, straight or diluted with water. Or use on salads with walnut or olive oil.
  • Sample Available
  • Vegetarian
Going Deep

Supports and maintains healthy triglycerides and blood lipids levels

Dragon Herbs Healthy Vinegar is sourced from Shanxi Province, in the central plains of China, where authentic aged vinegars have been made for thousands of years. Healthy Vinegar has a rich complex flavor that is unique among vinegar, with a sharp crisp tartness up front that melds into bright vegetal and plummy sweet notes.

Healthy Vinegar can replace balsamic vinegar in salad dressing, dipping sauces, soups, and beyond. You can even drink it straight! One tablespoon a day is the ritual of many Shanxi locals for centuries as their daily dose of health potion!



What distinguishes Dragon Herbs Healthy Vinegar from other brands is the use of traditional Chinese herbs to add flavor and health benefits to the bulk vinegar. Crataegus improves blood flow while Licorice and Red Dates harmonizes all the ingredients. Research from Beijing Medical University Nutrition and Food Health Research Department concludes that regular consumption of Healthy Vinegar supports and maintains healthy blood flow and healthy triglycerides and blood lipids levels.

Blood Flow




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  1. "I absolutely love this vinegar. It's very similar to balsamic, sweet and sour but with a more nuanced flavor profile. Definitely helped my digestion and helped me feel better overall. A must have in my home."

    Bethlehem, Healthy a delicous

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