High Stress Situations

All of the herbs used in Chinese tonic herbalism contribute to our adaptability in one way or another. That is the very nature of “superior herbalism.” However, some herbs have special reputations for helping people adapt optimally under high-stress situations so that the acute stress is not ultimately damaging and not exhausting. True exhaustion can be very damaging on a long-term basis. Here are the “battle adaptogens.” Take them before, during and after the stressful challenge if possible.


Tao in a Bottle - A pure adaptogenic formula designed to enhance mental and psychological adaptability, on both a short and long-term basis. Immediate action and strongly cumulative nootropic benefits. Calm clarity, 

Super Adaptogen - This is the broadest spectrum adaptogenic formula we know of in the world. Super Adaptogen contains the 15 major vegan adaptogenic herbs used in Asian herbalism, fully concentrated for maximum power.

Diamond Mind  - A profound combination of mental adaptogens from China and the Himalayas, this is a cutting-edge brain adaptogenic formula. Comes in capsules and tincture.

Diamond Mind Capsules

Diamond Mind Drops

Ant Essence - Provides adrenal protection as well as adaptogenic protection. Features Mountain Ant, Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero) and He Shou Wu, the King of Jing.

Changbai Mountain Organic Red Ginseng


  1. Tao in a Bottle
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    • Improves mental focus
    • Helps calm the mind
    • Reduces mental “chatter”
    • Supports appropriate healthy stress response
    • Increases adaptability
    • Superb general tonic
    • made with superior quality tonic herbs
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  2. Super Adaptogen
    • Full-spectrum adaptogenic formula
    • 16 superior quality tonic herbs
    • All herbs from authentic Di Tao sources
    • Promotes well-being
    • Supports healthy aging
    • Supports immune function
    • Supports strong adaptive responses to stress and challenge
    • Builds Qi
    • Support Jing and Shen
    • Antioxidant
    • Modulates NFкB (Nuclear Factor kappa B) activity
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  3. Diamond Mind
    • Mind power
    • Supports cognition and memory
    • Supports concentration
    • Promotes healthy circulation in the brain
    • Adaptogenic
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  4. Diamond Mind Drops
    • Super potent hydro-ethanolic extraction
    • Superior grade brain tonic herbs
    • Supports cognition and memory
    • For creative people
    • Supports yoga and meditation
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  5. Ant Essence
    • Made with Changbai Mountain Ant and 8-year-old He Shou Wu roots
    • Supports vitality
    • Supports male and female sexual function
    • May support male and female fertility
    • Powerful adaptogen
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  6. Organic Changbai Mountain Red Ginseng Extract
    • Premium grade organic Chinese Red Ginseng
    • Grown on a remote, certified organic, Changbai Mountain (Manchurian) plantation
    • Note: Certified organic Ginseng is extremely rare
    • All roots are fully-mature 6 years old in the ground
    • Supports Qi production – Ginseng is the world’s premier Qi tonic and adaptogen
    • Supports immune, respiratory, skeleton-muscular and neurological systems and functions
    • Supports healthy aging
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