Tao in a Bottle

Tao in a Bottle

  • Improves mental focus
  • Helps calm the mind
  • Reduces mental “chatter”
  • Supports appropriate healthy stress response
  • Increases adaptability
  • Superb general tonic
  • Made with superior quality tonic herbs
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Product Description

Tao in a Bottle™ is a revolutionary anti-stress formulation exclusively from Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs. It is in fact a kind of “super pill,” in that it is both modern and ancient, using the finest ingredients in the world made by cutting edge technology. Tao in a Bottle™ promotes peaceful alertness and supports mental focus – a perfect Yin and Yang balance. Tao in a Bottle™ does not cause drowsiness so it may be used by active individuals performing their normal daily or nightly tasks. Tao in a Bottle™ is one of Dragon Herbs’ top selling encapsulated products. Its main active ingredient is the amino acid L-Theanine, derived naturally from green tea. L-Theanine is a unique ingredient that has powerful anti-stress actions when consumed in the correct dose. It promotes relaxation without causing drowsiness. L-Theanine is an important component of green tea (Camellia sinensis). This is the component of green tea that makes it calming in spite of the fact that tea contains caffeine. Zen masters drink green tea before meditation to simultaneously improve focus and alertness and at the same time (paradoxically) to maintain transcendent calm. L-Theanine is a safe and fast-acting stress and anxiety-relieving phytonutrient. It works within minutes. Studies have shown that when L-Theanine is assimilated in the small intestine, it stimulates the brain’s production of alpha waves, which are associated with a sense of profound relaxation, mental focus, and mental clarity. L-Theanine also helps you stay relaxed by supporting your body’s production of other calming amino acids, including dopamine, GABA, and L-tryptophan. In addition, Tao in a Bottle™ is a powerful adaptogenic formula that is made from the concentrated extracts of eight of the greatest adaptogens (tonic herbs) in the world: Duanwood Reishi, Ginseng, Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng), Gynostemma, Schizandra, Tibetan Rhodiola, Astragalus and Ginkgo leaf.

The L- Theanine in Tao in a Bottle™ is derived from green tea. Most L-Theanine in the American market is not from green tea, but is produced by yeast. We think the tea-derivation of L-Theanine, along with the adaptogenic herbs, makes Tao in a Bottle™ the best L-Theanine product available in America. Tao in a Bottle™ contains no caffeine. Tao in a Bottle™ has cumulative benefits because of its inclusion of major tonic herbs that help develop one’s adaptability, and thus the ability to handle stress better, over time.

Ingredients: L-theanine extract powder, Gynostemma leaf, Duanwood Reishi fruiting body, Eleuthero root, Astragalus root, Schizandra fruit, Tibetan Rhodiola root, Chinese Ginseng root, Ginkgo biloba leaf.

Traditional Function
Adaptogenic, tonifying Qi, supports immune functions, supports focus and concentration* Heart, Spleen and Kidneys are the channels this neutral in temperature formula enters. The direction is toward the interior.
Who can use it?
60 Capsules, 450mg each
Other Ingredients
Pullulan polysaccharide, Rice powder, Bamboo extract powder, Rice extract blend.
Take 3 capsules, 2 times per day or as directed by a healthcare professional.
Going Deep

A complete stress management strategy in one bottle

The dual-action stress fighting approach: defense and offense, relax and adapt

Stress is relative.

The same amount of stress will be felt differently by different people. Most successful people have more stress in their life and can handle more stress. Success and stress often go hand in hand. The good news is, stress resilience can be nurtured by practicing different life techniques and by taking adaptogenic herbs.

Fight or flight, our innate stress response mechanism is putting us into a severe energy overdraft.

Humans were once regularly at risk of being attacked by wild animals or hostile people. Our bodies still respond to threats by secreting chemicals that trigger a set of physiological changes in the body and thus enhance our ability to run away or defend ourselves. This is our stress response, called “fight or flight.” It includes intense stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system and the adrenal glands resulting in increased respiration rates and higher blood pressure and blood sugar levels as well as increased heart rate and force of contractions. At the same time, there is a decrease in digestive secretions. In cases of acute stress, the situation is often resolved quickly, and normal physiology returns. However, if stress is prolonged or chronic, the body’s calls-to-continuous-action becomes detrimental. The body expends a great amount of energy keeping itself in a heightened state of readiness. When weakened by prolonged stress, the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis can be compromised, and illness can, and most likely will result. Modern day stressors are mostly chronic and neither fight nor flight is the correct way to respond to stress any more.


L-theanine is the ingredient in Tao in a Bottle that allows the body to relax under stress without the damaging effects of fight or flight. L-theanine is an amino acid found naturally only in green tea. 50% of tea’s amino acid is L-theanine. L-theanine counterbalances the stimulatory effect of caffeine. This really sets tea apart from coffee. Coffee does not contain L-theanine and can be excessively stimulating, resulting in jitteriness. Tea is a stimulant, yet, it is also a relaxant at the same time. Sufficient consumption of L-theanine promotes a sense of relaxation and serenity that is usually experienced by accomplished practitioners of yoga, meditation and Qi Gong after practicing their respective arts. A typical cup of tea contains about 10 mg of L-theanine. L-theanine is clearly part of the magic of tea, far and away the world’s most popular beverage after water. Tao in a Bottle contains 100 mg of L-theanine in each capsule.


Adaptability is the measure of life. Adaptability is the ability to adapt to stress and changes in one’s environment. The ability to adapt optimally is a key to survival and success, and the inability to adapt will ultimately result in failure, discomfort, disease and death. The adaptogens are proven entities for fighting stress. They demonstrate a nonspecific enhancement of the body’s ability to resist a stressor. Adaptogenic herbs help us maintain balance under stressful circumstances and recover from stress more quickly and effectively. They protect us from many of the influences in nature that cause us to age more quickly, including pollution, radiation, toxins, and the free radicals caused by stress. All the adaptogenic herbs used in Tao in a Bottle have been proven to boost our immune system, while mitigating excessive immune responses such as those that cause auto-immune disorders and allergies. Adaptogenic herbs are extremely beneficial.

Most products on the market for stress management only perform a sedation function. Tao in a Bottle is the only product that addresses the stress management with both a defensive approach of relaxation and an offensive approach of conquering the stress by enhancing the body’s adaptive ability.

Tao in a Bottle is fast acting and its effects are cumulative. Most people feel an effect within 30 to 40 minutes. When you take the adaptogenic herbs every day, the effects are actually cumulative, enhancing your overall stress resilience and your capacity to handle stress at all times.


What is Tao?

Tao is the Chinese term for the infinite–absolute order of the universe. Tao cannot be defined in words, but must be experienced. It cannot be understood with the logical mind, but may be directly comprehended by the mind of one who is attuned to Tao. In Zen, they call it “Zen Mind.” Studies of Zen monks in Japan have demonstrated that a meditative state is an alpha state — a state of peaceful alertness.

Tao is the harmonious true state of nature, governed by the laws of yin and yang. When a person has discovered the true nature of Tao, they become peaceful, yet alert, seeing all things from all sides, and thus rising above things that disturb less evolved people. Taoist training involves active meditation techniques aimed at promoting a state of deep awareness, mind control and profound relaxation, which in turn leads to longevity, superb vitality, profound happiness and wisdom. In China all this is called “radiant health,” which is further defined as “health beyond danger.”

Why do we call this formulation Tao in a Bottle?

Relaxed energy is the perfect state of mind, and is the first goal of those who are interested in Tao. Tao is recognized by those who are in a Tao state of mind

In Asia Taoism is considered to be a “fast technique” toward enlightenment — meaning that practitioners can attain evolved states of mind with just weeks, months and years, as opposed to lifetimes. When you take Tao in a Bottle, you have a major head start.

After you have consumed Tao in a Bottle for a week or two, read a book on Tao or Zen. You will find it much more comprehendible and meaningful than you ever did before — and best of all, the wisdom expressed may seem remarkably practical.

Tao in a Bottle is absolutely practical, and from our perspective, is the perfect herbal supplement for people who are interested in Taoist philosophy and for those who practice Taoist–type arts, including Qi Gong, Tai Ji, Taoist meditation, or Zen meditation, etc.

What is Tao in a Bottle? Will I actually be relaxed during a stressful day?

Tao in a Bottle™ is a new and unique formula designed by Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden. It is designed to help us handle stress.

Tao in a Bottle™ is unlike anything that has been available before.

The main ingredient is an amino acid called L–theanine. L–theanine is an amino acid found only in green tea. L–theanine is the first herbal ingredient that helps you to feel calm and alert at the same time, and it works quickly to release tension and worry.

Tao in a Bottle™ also contains special adaptogenic herbs. If you use Tao in a Bottle regularly, you will become more resistant to stress.

What do we mean by “relaxation?”

Relaxation is a natural state of being that occurs when we are not stressed. When we are relaxed, we feel like our “true selves.”

When we are relaxed, we are not nervous, and we do not come from a place of fear, worry, anxiety or anger when reacting to the events of our lives and the people we encounter

We often make mistakes because of our anxiety, then we feel disappointed in ourselves, and that just adds to our stress.

We all have moments when we feel really “on.” There are different names for that feeling: “in the groove”, “in the flow.” Ron Teeguarden calls that feeling a state of “peaceful alertness”

The moment you take Tao in a Bottle™, the tension just melts away.

When you use Tao in a Bottle™ regularly, you can experience that state of peaceful alertness the majority of the time.

Is it true that I will feel the effects of Tao in a Bottle™ within minutes, and are there long-term benefits?

Most people feel an effect within 30 to 40 minutes, and the results can last an entire day. When you take it every day the effects are actually cumulative. Over a period of time you’re ability to handle stress will increase.

Will this help me at work and at home?

Yes, when you are relaxed and focused at work you can work more efficiently without making mistakes, and you make better decisions when you are thinking clearly. Work stress can be debilitating, and work is by its very nature stressful. Those who can handle more stress win in business. Tao in a Bottle™ is fantastic for people who lead typically stressful work-lives. Studies have shown that theanine supports learning and concentration, so certainly, it will help us perform better at work.

Tao in a Bottle™ will also help at home. As a result of being more relaxed, most people find that they can relate and interact better with their families. People find that their children do not irritate them and that they tend to fight less often with other members of the family. In a positive sense, people find that they are more open and creative when they are relaxed and alert, and therefore they have more fun with their families. They tend to be more engaged and the concept of “quality time” takes on new meaning.

Will Tao in a Bottle™ help me if I am a student? Is it OK to give to my kids?

Studies conducted in Japan indicate that L–theanine supports learning. It is widely used in Japan specifically for that purpose. It is used by students of all ages to promote relaxation and alertness. It has a calming effect that supports mental endurance and concentration over a number of hours, and students say that they find studying more interesting and enjoyable.

L–theanine is used in candies and ice cream in Japan. However, it is probably best suited for children over the age of ten years old (though there are no known contraindications for smaller children). A ten–year old child may consume 50 milligrams of L–theanine, twice a day. That is ½ a capsule of Tao in a Bottle™, two times a day, dissolved in juice. Children fifteen years and older may take a full dose of 100 to 200 milligrams a day — that is one or two capsules of Tao in a Bottle™ each day. L–theanine has been proven to be completely safe.

What if I am shy, will it help me open up at parties or even on a date?

Shyness is actually a fear of social situations. Tao in a Bottle™ helps put you in the state of “peaceful alertness.” When you are in the state of peaceful alertness, you can more easily open up to people and communicate your true nature. When we’re relaxed and communicating our true nature, people naturally like us more and are attracted to us.

Do we recommend Tao in a Bottle™ for athletes? Will it affect my sharpness or reaction time?

Many professional athletes use adaptogenic herbs. Tao in a Bottle™ contains the same herbs consumed by world–caliber athletes. Athletes around the world, including Olympians and professional superstars, such as NBA players, use herbs like Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng, Rhodiola and Astragalus. The adaptogenic herbs used in Tao in a Bottle™ are completely safe, absolutely legal, and extremely reliable.

Athletes also talk about being “in the zone,” “in the groove” or “in the flow.” That’s the same state of peaceful alertness that we have been talking about. L–theanine does not cause drowsiness like other herbs touted for their relaxation benefits, such as kava or valerian root. In fact, it promotes clarity and sharpness. Athletes find they make quicker, better decisions on the spur of the moment and therefore perform better under the stress of competition.

Tao in a Bottle™ will help an athlete remain emotionally balanced, even under the most stressful circumstances. This can be the difference between winning and losing. Yet it does not reduce the desire to succeed or the competitive edge – in fact, many athletes find they are better focused and can direct their aggressiveness properly toward winning and achieving athlete perfection.

If I am a martial arts practitioner, will Tao in a Bottle™ take away my competitive edge?

No, Grasshopper. Every serious practitioner of the martial arts understands the connection between a calm, steady, clear and focused mind and success in the martial arts. L–theanine is not a sedative — it does not cause drowsiness, laziness, listlessness or spaciness. Instead, it causes the mind to go into an alpha state. This is the perfect state of mind for any competition, including combat. Also, the great adaptogenic herbs in this formula, including ginseng, Astragalus and Reishi have been used by martial arts masters, including those of the Shaolin Temples in China. They are superb Qi tonics that increase vitality and inner power.

Ron Teeguarden’s primary teacher, Taoist Master Sung Jin Park, was an eighth–degree black belt in seven martial arts. Master Park was second in the world in Hapkido. He used these tonic herbs every day of his life and recommended that Ron do the same.

Does Tao in a Bottle have any other benefits for athletes?

Yes. It has been proven that L–theanine supports quick recovery from hard physical activity. Bodybuilders use it to recover more quickly. Any athlete wishing to recover more quickly may use it. It is ideal for runners, bicyclists, ball players, skiers, rock climbers, triathletes, etc.

Tibetan Rhodiola increases oxygen in the blood stream, by as much as 100%. This increase in oxygen can support endurance, concentration and shear energy. Many mountain climbers scaling the highest mountains in the world have used Rhodiola.

Eleuthero has been demonstrated to support athletic endurance and concentration.

What are alpha waves, and what is the effect of Tao in a Bottle™ on our alpha waves?

The brain generates brain waves that can be measured at the surface of the skull. The waves reflect our state of mind. Alpha is the designation for the state of mind, and thus the shape of the brain waves, that occurs when a person is in a perfect state of conscious balance – awake, alert, focused, and totally relaxed.

When alpha waves increase we feel calm and alert, relaxed and yet not drowsy, unstressed and clear. Many people say they feel more “present.” Most people say they can concentrate better and with less effort.

An “alpha state” is a very healthy state of mind. In most instances during our daily life, it is the perfect state of mind.

What is L–theanine?

The principal ingredient in Tao in a Bottle™ is called L–theanine. L–theanine is an amino acid found naturally in Green Tea. Scientists have known for a long time that Tao in a Bottle™ promotes relaxation. It’s been available in Japan for over thirty years and is used as a dietary supplement to promote relaxation without drowsiness.

Would I get a similar benefit by just drinking Green Tea?

It would take 10–20 cups of Green Tea in one sitting to get a similar amount of the L–theanine found in a single serving of Tao in a Bottle™.

Can I purchase a similar product anywhere else?

Tao in a Bottle™ is a totally unique product, developed by Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden to promote relaxation without drowsiness within minutes, and to build the body–mind’s ability to handle stress over time. By combining L–theanine with the world’s most powerful adaptogenic herbs, every aspect of our ability to handle stress is addressed.

Concentrated green tea capsules that you find in health food stores have very little L–theanine and will not have the same effect as taking Tao in a Bottle™.

The quality of the herbs used to produce Tao in a Bottle™ is different from that used to make the commercial products found in natural food and drug stores – it is far superior, as are all Dragon Herbs products.

There are other L–theanine products on the market, but these products do NOT pair the L–theanine with adaptogenic herbs. The general approach is to combine the L–theanine with herbs that support sedate actions to magnify the “relaxation” action. These formulas often result in drowsiness. Tao in a Bottle™ does NOT contain sedative herbs and does not cause drowsiness.

What about PMS, with its monthly mood swings, aches and pains?

Assuming that the PMS is the temporary, self-limiting variety, L–theanine can be very soothing. It is best to consult with a physician to rule out more severe conditions. Studies conducted in Japan have demonstrated that women who suffer from self–limiting PMS symptoms are greatly benefited by L–theanine. Taking L–theanine significantly relieves both the emotional and physical symptoms of self–limiting PMS. Take 1 or capsules in the a.m. and 1 or 2 capsules in the p.m. to reduce or eliminate all the symptoms of self–limiting PMS.

How will Tao in a Bottle affect our sex lives?

One of the biggest obstacles to sexual performance and enjoyment is tension and anxiety. Anxiety can completely sabotage sexual performance. Many people find that Tao in a Bottle™ is better than a glass of wine or a warm bath to get them in the mood.

Why are there adaptogenic herbs in Tao in a Bottle?

Adaptogenic herbs are extremely beneficial. They are arguably the greatest herbs on earth. They are a class of herbs that help us adapt to stress. They provide energy (vitality) that specifically helps us to deal with stress. They are not specifically medicinal. They have been used for over 2000 years to make life easier, more enjoyable, satisfying and more fulfilling. They are the most important herbs in the world because they promote a long, healthy, happy life by supporting our ability to adapt.

Is there anything like Tao in a Bottle™ available in health food stores?

No. As far as we know, this is a unique blend of L–theanine, which provides immediate relief from stress and tension, with the adaptogenic herbs which make us more resistant to stress over time.

The quality of the herbs in Tao in a Bottle™ is superior to that of most products in the marketplace. Ron Teeguarden personally travels to China to pick out only the highest quality of herbs that are rarely if ever sold in this country in health food stores. Dragon Herbs guaranties that its herbal ingredients are the finest in the world.

How do we use Tao in a Bottle™?

Most studies indicate that the effective dose for L–theanine is between 50 and 400 mg. per day. Tao in a Bottle™ capsules each contain 100 mg. We suggest taking 1 to 4 capsules each day.

Many people take 2 capsules in the morning, and that lasts all day. Others take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the afternoon. That is the method used in the PMS studies done in Japan. Some people take 1 capsule in the morning, 1 capsule in the afternoon, and 1 in the evening. Some people find that taking 1 or 2 capsules at bedtime results in improved sleep. And when they wake up, they are relaxed, energized and ready to go.

In other words, there are many optional approaches to using Tao in a Bottle™ and each person will find what’s best for them. Tao in a Bottle™ is a dietary supplement and there is flexibility in the way it is used.

Most people feel a benefit within 30 to 40 minutes the very first time they try Tao in a Bottle™, and will feel the same response every time.

Should we continue taking Tao in a Bottle™ when we begin to feel better everyday?

Yes. To get the long term benefits of increasing your resistance to stress, you need to take it regularly. Tao in a Bottle™ is not habit forming, so may be used every day as a tonic formulation. It’s a daily dietary supplement for your well being. Tonic herbs (adaptogenic herbs) may be taken on a daily basis to support radiant health.

Don’t yoga and meditation produce alpha waves?

Yes, they do. That is a key benefit of practicing these great ancient arts. Many people practice yoga or other relaxation techniques for years to achieve an alpha state, which you can experience within thirty minutes of taking Tao in a Bottle™. It’s like a yoga class in a bottle. It’s as though you have meditated or practiced Qi Gong for half an hour.

This is not to say that one should not practice yoga, meditation, Qi Gong or similar art. These ancient techniques are extremely profound and achieving an alpha state is only one of their benefits (though a very important one). These sublime arts regulate the organs, energy centers and channels, strengthen the body and mind, and can promote health on many levels. Tai Ji and yoga stretch and strengthen every muscle system in the body.

Will Tao in Bottle help in spiritual practice?

Tao in a Bottle™ can be used before practicing any of the meditative arts, moving or passive. It will promote relaxation and clarity that can lead to profound meditative experiences and hasten growth on the spiritual plane.

On a day–to–day basis, being relaxed, present and clear will lead to growth on the spiritual plane. Herbs like Reishi and Tibetan Rhodiola have been used for over 2000 years by Asian adepts to support emotional balance and spiritual growth. Zen practitioners in Japan have long consumed very strong ceremonial green tea before meditation.

Does Tao in a Bottle replace other Shen tonics?

Though we may think of Tao in a Bottle™ as an alternative Shen tonic, it is in fact a primary tool for opening up and stabilizing Shen. Tao in a Bottle is not a substitute for herbs like Reishi, Pearl, Albizzia flower, Asparagus root, etc. – all of which are profound Shen tonic herbs. By stabilizing Shen, Tao in a Bottle™ allows these great herbs to enter the body and to perform their magic on the human soul and spirit.

What if I drink coffee?

Tao in a Bottle™ may be used beneficially in combination with almost anything. Studies have indicated that L–theanine eliminates the negative side effects of caffeine. If a person feels jittery from drinking coffee, 100 or 200 mg of L–theanine (1 or 2 capsules of Tao in a Bottle™) can eliminate that jitteriness in about 30 minutes.

If you consume coffee in the daytime along with Tao in a Bottle™, you will feel as alert as you would on the coffee, but without jitteriness.

If you drink coffee at night and you find you cannot fall asleep, one or two capsules of Tao in a Bottle™ will cut through the speediness of the caffeine. Many people find that they cut back on their coffee consumption after using Tao in a Bottle™ for a while because of the increased energy and focus they feel from Tao in a Bottle™.

Is Tao in a Bottle “mind altering?”

None of the herbs or ingredients in Tao in a Bottle™ are mind altering drugs. The states of mind attained by “mind altering” substances are different from any normal state of mind. People feel “high,” or “loaded” or “buzzed.”

However, Tao in a Bottle™ is “mood–adjusting.” The alpha state of mind is an absolutely normal, healthy state of mind that we have all experienced before – when we are totally relaxed and yet mentally clear – and is not an “altered” state of mind.

Many experts believe that it is the healthiest state of mind for daily functioning – it’s just that most of us have trouble attaining a normal alpha state because of the stress we’re under. L–theanine, nor any of the herbs in Tao in a Bottle™, are considered “mind altering drugs” by anybody, including the FDA or 12–step programs.

Tao in a Bottle™ is a safe, natural herbal supplement that helps people find their most naturally balanced state of relaxed energy.

Is Tao in a Bottle approved by the FDA?

The FDA does not “approve” or disapprove products such as Tao in a Bottle™. It does however have strict standards concerning claims and labeling of all dietary supplements, including Tao in a Bottle™.

The FDA has approved the following claims

  • L–theanine promotes relaxation without causing drowsiness
  • L-theanine reduces stress

Is Tao in a Bottle Safe?

L–theanine has been used and studied in Japan for over 50 years. It is a well understood ingredient. L–theanine is so safe that is has been approved as a food additive in Japan, where it may be added to soft drinks, candy, bread, ice cream or any other consumable product.

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Ron Teeguarden's Story about One of his Personal Favorites

Tao in a Bottle™ is a novel anti-stress formulation. It is in fact a kind of “super pill,” in that it is both modern and ancient, using the finest ingredients in the world made by cutting edge technology. Tao in a Bottle™ promotes peaceful relaxation and supports mental alertness and focus – a perfect Yin and Yang balance. In other words, Tao in a Bottle™ enhances my mental sharpness and simultaneously helps me stay calm, but does not cause any sense of drowsiness. I take it in the morning and I can take it at night.

The real reason I take it, now that I’ve explained what I consider its happy “side effects,” is that it makes me feel good. I feel balanced and content. I work hard, with lots of people, and I spend my day juggling 100 projects. When I take Tao in a Bottle™ in the morning, I never feel close to getting edgy or short tempered or depressed. Tao in a Bottle™ is an anti-stress formula of the highest order I can contemplate. It’s not at all like taking a sedative like kava or valerian. It works in a different way. It is mostly made up of world class adaptogenic herbs that have long term benefits on my adrenals and nervous system. Stress can really hurt people, but it’s ultimately not usually the stress that hurts – it’s the stress response. Tao in a Bottle™ helps maintain a strong, adaptive, centering stress response even when you don’t know the stress is about to ramp up.

The main active ingredient of Tao in a Bottle™ is the amino acid L-theanine, naturally derived from green tea. L-theanine is an important component of green tea (Camellia sinensis). This is the component of green tea that makes it calming, in spite of the fact that tea contains caffeine. Zen masters drink green tea before meditation to simultaneously improve focus and alertness and at the same time (paradoxically) to maintain transcendent calm. L-theanine is a safe and fast-acting stress and anxietyrelieving phytonutrient. It works within minutes. Studies have shown that when L-Theanine is assimilated in the small intestine, it stimulates the brain’s production of alpha waves, which are associated with a sense of profound relaxation, mental focus, and mental clarity. L-theanine also helps you stay relaxed by supporting your body’s production of other calming amino acids, including dopamine, GABA, and L-tryptophan. In addition, Tao in a Bottle™ is a powerful adaptogenic formula that is made from the concentrated extracts of eight of the greatest adaptogens (tonic herbs) in the world: Duanwood Reishi, Ginseng, Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng), Gynostemma, Schizandra, Tibetan Rhodiola, Astragalus and Ginkgo leaf.

I take Tao in a Bottle™ because it protects me from the silent dangers of chronic stress. Chronic stress can wear you out and make you age. Tao in a Bottle™ mitigates the possible over-response of the adrenals to stress and curtails long term excessive response. So Tao in a Bottle™ reduces the amount of Jing I spend on insipid stress. My Jing is my life force, and I want to preserve it. Most L-theanine in the American market is not from green tea, but are produced by yeast in fermentation tanks. L-theanine derived from its real source, green tea, along with the adaptogenic herbs, makes Tao in a Bottle™ the best L-theanine product available in America. Tao in a Bottle™ contains no caffeine. And Tao in a Bottle™ has cumulative benefits because of its inclusion of major tonic herbs that help develop one’s adaptability, and thus the ability to handle stress better over time.

Tao in a Bottle™ was the first herbal product in America to use L-theanine. Since then many companies have produced L-theanine-based “anti-stress” products. But look at them – they all miss the mark. They’re not working on stress at its fundamental level, only a symptomatic level. They combine the L-theanine with herbs like chamomile, valerian root or kava kava that have a strong sedative action. You shouldn’t take those herbs and drive or use dangerous machinery. Tao in a Bottle™ is the only truly adaptogenic formula I know of that combines L-theanine with adaptogenic herbs, and to me, that’s a super-winner.

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  1. "This stuff is incredible! From someone who suffers from anxiety and overwhelm, this little gem has yielded significant changes in my mental throughout the day. I find myself more present, more calm and less mental chatter. This is definitely in my daily routine and I refuse to go without it. "

    Mika, Gamechanger
  2. "I got a sample of this at NPE, and it really helped me relax halfway through a super busy show."

    Imee, Works!
  3. "This stuff is a GAME CHANGER for anxiety! I have tried everything and this is by far the best thing out there."

    Ghetto Angel, FromFrom Yuba City, CA, US
  4. "Tao in a Bottle is a great tonic formulation by Ron Teeguarden. The combination of herbs make it a balanced tonic just about anyone can take. "

    LCU, From United States
  5. "I've been using this for years and is one of the best products for creatives. Helps me focus so I can do what I do."

    Denise, From United States

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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