Licorice Soothing Formula

Licorice Soothing Formula

  • Relieves temporary pain of tissue or muscular contraction
  • Nourishes blood
  • Harmonizes and regulates functions of and between Liver and Spleen
  • Ideal for modern fast-paced, active, often physically demanding life
  • Releases tightness, tension, rigidity & any physical sense of being ‘bound up’
  • Helps relieve nervous tension
  • Helps relax stiffness throughout the body
  • Gentle blood cleansing and broad-spectrum antioxidant benefits
  • Balances female functions
  • Ultimate grade prepared Licorice root provides optimal safety & balance
Item No: 301
Product Description

This formula has a wide range of uses, especially in the fast-paced, active, and often physically demanding life of today. It has been used with great success for thousands of years for any type of temporary cramping condition, tightness, or sense of being “bound up” anywhere in the body. Through harmonization of the Spleen, this simple yet profound formulation restores and replenishes Yin. It also nourishes the Blood and enhances its delivery to all the cells of the body, nourishing all connective tissues and muscles, and bringing rapid relaxation and relief of temporary pains or muscle contraction. Together, these two herbs help maintain the natural cleanliness of the Liver and Blood.

Ingredients: Chinese Licorice Root, White Peony Root


Traditional Function
Nourishes and preserves Yin; calms Liver Yang; harmonizes Liver & Spleen functions; softens & moistens the Liver; invigorates & regulates Blood; nourishes Sinews; relieves temporary spasms, cramps, & associated pains in calves
Who can use it?
Anyone experiencing moderate muscular tension, temporary cramping or spasms anywhere in the body, particularly of the muscles (hiccups, restless legs, twitches, TMJ, and “charley horse’s”). Anyone who wishes to safely detoxify the Liver and Blood
100 caps, 500 mg each
Other Ingredients
Pullulan Polysaccharide**, Rice Powder, Bamboo Extract Powder, Rice Extract Blend
Going Deep

This simple but elegant herbal combination has been in common use in China for over eighteen hundred years. It was created by the great herbal master Zhang zhongjing, who passed away in 219 A.D. It has continuously remained one of the most commonly used and respected herbal combinations in the world. It has been consumed by billions of people. The formula, which is a fifty-fifty combination of Chinese Licorice root and Chinese White Peony root, has profound and safe muscle relaxing and blood detoxifying capacity and is suitable for old and young, male and female.


Soothing Combination relaxes both smooth and striated muscle. It can be used as a tonic tea by those practicing yoga and other sports. It can also be used as temporary relief by those experiencing transient muscle tension, spasmodic pain, muscle cramps, back tension, back spasms, menstrual cramps, abdominal cramps, hand and foot cramps, calf cramps and so on. Both Chinese Licorice root and White Peony root have innate muscle relaxing capacity, but when they are combined in a brewed formula their power is magnified. This herbal extract was produced by brewing the two herbs together for some hours so that their chemistry could blend. Both herbs, as well as the combination tea-extract, are safe tonic herbs when consumed occasionally and in moderation. The amount of Licorice root in this formula is considered safe so long as it is consumed as directed. It is an excellent formula to have on hand. It has famously been used by the elderly for stiffness and pain, as well as by children. It can relax the bronchial and intestinal smooth muscles. The herbal powder can be stirred into hot or warm water and consumed as a very soothing herbal tea.

Precautions and Notifications

This formulation does not treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition and is designed and offered for temporary relief. If spasmodic pain or significant muscular tension persists, consult a physician as this may be a sign of a serious medical condition.

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