Our memories are vast and important. We store millions of memories, but memories can fade away, quickly or over time. Herbs and teas can improve memory. It has been proven clinically in the United States that tea improves memory. Trans-Resveratrol can significantly improve learning and memory ability in animal models

  1. Ginseng Sublime Drops
    • Memorial Day sale! Get 20% OFF! valid 5/24 - 5/27 ONLY.
    • Super potent hydro-ethanolic extraction
    • Premium Asian Ginseng
    • Supports strong Qi energy
    • Supports work ability
    • Supports mental clarity
    • Supports immune system
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  2. Organic Changbai Mountain Red Ginseng Drops
    • Super potent hydro-ethanolic extraction
    • Made with 100% certified organic Red Chinese Ginseng
    • The King of Herbs
    • Grown on Changbai Mountain, Manchuria
    • Fantastic Ginseng taste
    • Potent ginsenoside profile
    • World class adaptogen
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  3. PureTrans Resveratrol
    • Our Resveratrol is over 98% pure trans-Resveratrol (not cut 50% like most brands)
    • 100 mg pure trans-Resveratrol per capsule
    • In a base of Muscadine grape skin, which is a source of multiple grape antioxidants including resveratrol, quercetin, kaempherol and more than a dozen other major antioxidants
    • Supports sirtuin activity, and thus supports healthy longevity
    • Ultimate cellular tonification
    • An acknowledge calorie restriction mimetic
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  4. Super Pill No. 2
      • Memorial Day Sale! Get 10% OFF! Valid 5/24-5/27. Limited stock.
      • Astragaloside IV
      • Supports chromosomal integrity
      • Trans-Resveratrol supports Sirtuin functions which in turn promote healthy aging
      • Includes five supertonic extracts
      • Cutting edge FITT nutraceutical technology
      • Tonifies all three Treasures
      • Builds and supports all thee Treasures
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  5. Heaven Drops Wild Ginseng - PRIVATE RESERVE
    • Memorial Day sale! Get 10% OFF! valid 5/24 - 5/27 ONLY.
    • The ultimate Ginseng extract
    • 100% wild Ginseng roots
    • Made with hundreds of roots that are over 40 years old
    • Over 100 roots that are over 60 years old
    • The broadest range of ginsenosides possible
    • The Chinese roots are all from Changbai Mountain, Manchuria: all were sustainably collected in boreal forests by licensed Ginseng collectors
    • The American roots are all from the Catskill Mountains in New York state: all were sustainably collected in boreal forests by licensed Ginseng collectors
    • All roots have been certified authentic by government agencies
    • All roots inspected and approved by Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden and his staff of senior herbalists and herbal scientists
    • Thick creamy extremely satisfying extract
    • Extracted 6 times to assure complete profile
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  6. Tao in a Bottle
    • Memorial Day Sale! Get 10% OFF! Valid 5/24-5/27. Limited stock.
    • Improves mental focus
    • Helps calm the mind
    • Reduces mental “chatter”
    • Supports appropriate healthy stress response
    • Increases adaptability
    • Superb general tonic
    • made with superior quality tonic herbs
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  7. Tibetan Magic eeTee in Jar
    • Memorial Day sale! Get 20% OFF! valid 5/24 - 5/27 ONLY.
    • Unique adaptogenic energy drink that takes functional drinks to a new height
    • Supports healthy aging
    • Increases concentration and memory
    • Increases physical endurance
    • Supports sexual performance and enjoyment
    • Affects both physical and mental energy
    • Lifts the spirit, calms the nerves, clears the senses and generally lifts life-experience to another level
    • Contains nine of the most wonderful tonic herbs known to mankind
    • Main ingredient is Rhodiola sacra, a sacred herb of Tibet
    • Flavored and enhanced with Sea Buckthorn fruit
    • Designed for creative individuals
    • Perfect for exercise, meditation, yoga and creative work
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  8. Tibetan Treasure in Retort Pouch
    • Extraordinary Himalayan and Chinese tonic herbs
    • Powerful long-term tonic benefits
    • Instant energy
    • Profound mental clarity
    • Supports enhanced respiration and metabolism
    • Yoga support
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  9. Vinpocetine Plus
    • Supports cognition and memory
    • Helps increase attention and concentration
    • Helps increase cerebral blood flow
    • A cerebral metabolic activator
    • A neuronal protector
    • Used by people of all ages
    • May benefit students
    • Safe antioxidant
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