Nutritious Black Sesame Blends

Nutritious Black Sesame Blends

  • Black sesame is a specialty of Asia, with a unique pleasant flavor
  • A nutritious “black” herb/food
  • Supports one’s Jing and kidneys
  • High in vegetable protein
  • Promotes energy and overall wellness
Item No: 8011
Product Description

This wholesome and nutritious blend of five black ingredients is specifically beneficial for Jing, the kidney adrenal organ system, and consists of black sesame seeds, black glutinous rice, black bean, black fungus and black Auriculate Swallowwort Root. This ideal food supplement may be consumed daily for abundant nutrients, including vegetable protein, for enhanced energy levels and over-all wellness.

Ingredients: Black Sesame, Brown Crystal Sugar, Maltodextrin, Red Bean, Black Glutinous Rice, White Sesame, Black Soybean, Black Fungus, Guar Gum (Natural Fiber), Natural Rock Salt, Vanilla and Auriculate Swallowwort Root.

Traditional Function
Provides nutritional support; supports gastrointestinal health & overall body health & wellness
Who can use it?
15.8 oz (450 g)
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