Rejuvenation Tea Herb Pack - 1 Pk

Rejuvenation Tea Herb Pack - 1 Pk

  • Powerful regenerative qualities
  • Superb skin and lung tonic
  • Useful for engaging in frequent sexual activity
  • Rich in electrolytes, making it a great post-workout drink
  • Ancient Taoist formula used to quickly replenish spent Jing
  • Perfect for DBG (Desktop Botanical Garden™ brewing and serving system)
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Product Description

An ancient Taoist formula used to quickly replenish spent Jing. This formula is extremely effective at replacing lost body fluids. It has powerful anti-aging and regenerative qualities and is a superb skin and lung tonic. The main ingredient is Dendrobium, also known as Chinese Orchid. Dendrobium generates body fluids and is cooling in nature. It has traditionally been used by practitioners of the healing arts to help replenish vital energies spent in the process of their work. Also known as “Honeymooners Tea”, it is useful for those engaging in frequent sexual activity. Healer's Tea is naturally rich in trace minerals electrolytes, making Rejuvenation Tea a great post-workout drink that is far superior to Gatorade. It is quite delicious and refreshing and tastes great ice cold.*

Ingredients: Schizandra fruit, Dendrobium pod and stem, Codonopsis root, Ophiopogon tuber, Goji berry, Licorice root

Directions: Add 20-26 oz (600-800 ml) water and herb pack to the Glass Tea Elixir Maker (DBG Pot). Bring to a boil. Turn down the heat and simmer for 5-15 minutes. Serve hot. You may add Sweetfruit Drops or any sweetener of your choice. Repeat the process, increase the brewing time if necessary until all flavors and active ingredients have been extracted. This herb pack can brew around 40 oz. of elixir.

Traditional Function
Jing replenishing
Who can use it?
1 pack
How We Source This Product

The Dendrobium nobile is sustainably grown in Guangdong without the use of chemicals under the auspices of the Chinese Ministry of Health. The Schizandra is organically grown at 5000- 7000 feet altitude in pristine forest plantations in Changbai Mountain, Manchuria (Jilin), China.

Every Dragon Herbs product is a work of art and science – tempered with love and respect. We spare no effort to produce the finest herbal products in the world.

Each ingredient is very carefully selected. Dragon Herbs does NOT use commercial-grade ingredients. We use only top grade (far above commercial grade) raw materials to make our formulations. Other companies use commodity-grade (or lower) herbs to produce their products. This dedication to superior raw material quality separates Dragon Herbs from other brands in America. Top grade herbs cost a bit more, but are many times more potent, more perfectly balanced in their constituent profiles, and are generally better tasting. Premium grade herbs tend to be freer of side effects that might be associated with lower grades of some herbs. Ron Teeguarden says “you can’t make gold out of straw,” and the same goes for herbal products. Only the best raw materials are acceptable to Ron Teeguarden and Dragon Herbs.

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  1. "Very refreshing, and great tasting. I love to use it to help calm my system and recharge during allergy season. "

    Megan, tasty and refreshing

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