Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs Nutraceutical Herbalism Advanced Products

Dragon Herbs currently produces a range of highly advanced nutraceutical-based herbal supplements for general use. Here are some of these formulations.

Astragalus Advanced - (Astragaloside IV – plus Total Astragalosides and extract of Astragalus root)

Tao in a Bottle - (L-Theanine - plus extracts of Gynostemma, Reishi, Eleuthero, Astragalus, Schizandra, Himalayan Rhodiola, Asian Ginseng, standardized Ginkgo leaf)

Super Pill No.1 - (Gypenosides & Goji LBPs – plus Gynostemma, Himalayan Rhodiola, Reishi, Goji extracts)

Super Pill No.2 - (Astragaloside IV, Resveratrol & Gypenosides – plus extracts of Asian Ginseng, Astragalus, Gynostemma, Heshouwu, Himalayan Rhodiola)

Super Pill No.3 - (Kinetic Ginseng (Total Ginsenosides), Ginsenoside Rg3 & Tanshinone IIA – plus extracts of Red Salvia, Carthamus, Ligusticum, plus Saffron)

The Great Regulator - (25% Baicalin – plus extract of Bupleurum root, Scutellaria root, Pinellia rhizome, Fresh Ginger rhizome, Asian Ginseng)

Baicalin - (High dose Baicalin - 25% - in a base of Scutellaria baicalensis extract)

Protector 2000 - (Lycium barbarum polysaccharides LBPs – plus Duanwood Reishi spores and extracts of Agaricus fruiting body, Goji berries)

  1. Astragalus Advanced
    • The most potent standardized whole Astragalus root extract in the world
    • Potent source of ALL astragaloside saponins - 25mg total astragalosides per capsule (50-75 mg per dose) compared to 2-5mg per capsule in other popular brands
    • Plus, 75 mg Astragaloside IV per dose –the main super-constituent of Astragalus root
    • Rich in Astragalus polysaccharides that support normal immune functions
    • Supports immune health
    • Supports DNA integrity
    • Supports “upright Qi,” postural energy to resist gravity
    • Supports energy production for consistent healthy vitality
    • Made from superior quality connoisseur-grade organically grown Astragalus roots
    • Di Tao – an authentic traditional growing region of superior Astragalus
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  2. Tao in a Bottle
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    • Improves mental focus
    • Helps calm the mind
    • Reduces mental “chatter”
    • Supports appropriate healthy stress response
    • Increases adaptability
    • Superb general tonic
    • made with superior quality tonic herbs
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  3. Super Pill No. 1
    • Potentized nutraceutical-herbal formula
    • Contains full doses of Goji LBPs and Gynostemma gypenosides
    • Supports healthy aging
    • Superior adaptogen that supports healthy aging
    • Supports cardiovascular, immune and liver functions
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  4. Super Pill No. 2
      • Memorial Day Sale! Get 10% OFF! ONLINE ONLY! Valid 5/24-5/27. Limited stock.
      • Astragaloside IV
      • Supports chromosomal integrity
      • Trans-Resveratrol supports Sirtuin functions which in turn promote healthy aging
      • Includes five supertonic extracts
      • Cutting edge FITT nutraceutical technology
      • Tonifies all three Treasures
      • Builds and supports all thee Treasures
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  5. The Great Regulator - Minor Bupleurum
    • Memorial Day sale! Get 20% OFF! valid 5/24 - 5/27 ONLY.
    • Regulates Qi
    • One of the top classical formulas of all time
    • This is a potentized version of Minor Bupleurum Combination with 25% Baicalin, the active constituent of Scutellaria (based on modern Japanese protocol)
    • Potent immune modulating (balancing) capacity
    • Liver tonic
    • Suitable for most people during the first year of using tonic herbs for healthy aging
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  6. Baicalin
    • Supports metabolic health
    • Full spectrum extraction of Scutellaria root
    • 25% baicalin, 125 mg per capsule
    • Supports cellular functions
    • Supports immune functions
    • Supports gut microbiome health
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  7. Protector 2000
    • Robust immune support
    • Features Reishi spores
    • Also contains Goji polysaccharides (Goji LBP-40) and Agaricus mushroom
    • Supports adaptability
    • Supports innate antioxidant system
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  8. PureTrans Resveratrol
    • Our Resveratrol is over 98% pure trans-Resveratrol (not cut 50% like most brands)
    • 100 mg pure trans-Resveratrol per capsule
    • In a base of Muscadine grape skin, which is a source of multiple grape antioxidants including resveratrol, quercetin, kaempherol and more than a dozen other major antioxidants
    • Supports sirtuin activity, and thus supports healthy longevity
    • Ultimate cellular tonification
    • An acknowledge calorie restriction mimetic
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