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  1. Goji Powder Powdered Extract -- 100 g
    Goji Powder Powdered Extract -- 100 g
    • Full spectrum Heaven Mountain Goji fruit extract powder
    • One of the supreme superfoods and major tonic herbs of the world
    • Profoundly beneficial ingredient that benefits mood, builds blood, nourishes and protects eyes
    • Ideal for blender use
    • Tonifies Jing, Qi and Shen
    • Beneficial for the whole family when added to any type of meal or beverage
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  2. Goji-To-Go 1oz
  3. Goji-To-Go 20 pack
  4. Golden Air
  5. Grounded Coffee® Mini Drops Collection
  6. Gynostemma
    • A premier adaptogenic herb from Southern China
    • Superb Qi tonic and adaptogenic herb
    • Rich in gypenosides, saponins that support a balanced immune system
    • Supports adaptability under stressful circumstances and radical change
    • Supports healthy aging
    • Grown on the remote and pristine Great Immortal Peak deep in the Wuyi Mountains
    • A highly concentrated pure-yield extract of premium gynostemma
    • No chemicals have ever been used on this mountain plantation
    • Fields are fertilized by wild pigs, monkeys and leopards
    • Irrigated with mountain spring water and monsoon rainwater
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  7. Hair and Nails
  8. He Shou Wu
  9. He Shou Wu Drops, Organic
  10. He Shou Wu eeTee in Jar
    He Shou Wu eeTee in Jar
    • The legendary Jing tonic herb
    • Thousands of connoisseurs consider this the best He Shou Wu product in the world
    • Superior quality 5-year-old wildcrafted roots
    • Prepared the traditional way with black beans
    • Extracted by FITT technology to dissolve instantly in hot or cold water or beverage
    • Complete He Shou Wu phytochemical profile
    • Tastes great
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