Silver Tea Tin 3.5 oz

Silver Tea Tin 3.5 oz

  • Efficient tin with simple, modern look to blend into any kitchen
  • Seamless and smooth seal with airtight cap and additional interior lid
  • Handmade by skilled craftsmen using lead-free tin with no sharp edges
  • Impervious to light and resists transfer of odors
  • Blocks moisture and oxidation from forming
  • Eco-friendly and safe to handle
  • Ideal for long term storage of goods such as teas, spices and pastas
Item No: 8209
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Product Description

Our canisters feature an airtight cap with an additional interior lid, making sure the seals are seamless and smooth. Each canister is handmade by skilled craftsmen using a lead-free tin with no sharp edges. These craftsmen have been making handmade canisters for almost 100 years.

These canisters are eco-friendly and safe to handle. The main body is made from a single sheet of steel and electrically welded at the seam. With concern for our environment, only lead-free paints and solders are used. The tin-plated steel is impervious to light, resists the transfer of odors, and blocks moisture and oxidation from forming. They are ideal for the long term storage of goods such as teas, spices and pastas. When twisting to close, the cover snaps into place with an audible “click” to indicate the perfect alignment of the cover and body patterns.

With its simple design and modern look, the silver tin blends into any kitchen.

Height: 4.06”
Diameter: 2.52”
Capacity 3.5 oz.-9

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