Watermelon Frost Powder

Watermelon Frost Powder

  • Temporary relief for minor mouth sores
  • An herbal powder made from fermenting watermelon rind
Item No: 661
Product Description

Watermelon Frost is a cooling, dark green powder of unique herbs that are particularly beneficial for clearing heat, and invigorating upper respiratory qi, while moistening and protecting the mouth and throat.

Ingredients: Watermelon frost, Scutellaria root, Goldthread rhizome, Corktree bark, Tonkin sophora root, Mint

Traditional Function
Cools, clears heat, and calms the heat/irritation on skin & mouth
Who can use it?
0.09 oz. (2.5 g)
Other Ingredients
Water, Silicon Dioxide, Stevia, Tannic acid
Spout to affected area appropriately, 3 times a day when needed.
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