Wuyi Red Mushroom

Wuyi Red Mushroom

  • An extremely rare and precious culinary/tonic mushroom from just one mountain in China
  • A precious blood tonic
  • Creates a bright red color as a tea, soup or sauce
  • Great for women right after their menstrual cycle ends
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Product Description

Wuyi Red Mushroom is a very rare wild mushroom that only grows on Wuyi Mountain in Southern China, a subtropical paradise. It is a famous and precious blood tonic. Despite extensive efforts to cultivate, and thus commercialize, this extraordinary tonic mushroom, mycologists have so far failed to succeed in growing it. Wild Wuyi Red Mushroom turns a DBG tea a bright and glorious red color. It is extremely good for women for the first few days after their menstrual flow ends. Men may consume it as well of course.

Ingredients: Wild Wuyi Red Mushroom

Traditional Function
Blood tonic
Who can use it?
2 oz. (57g)
Steep 2-3 mushroom in hot water or use with your DBG.
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