Blood Cleansing Support

Our blood is a carrier fluid that delivers vital nutrients, minerals and gases to cells throughout the body. That is its first function in the body. It also serves as a primary means of carrying byproducts of our living metabolism and other waste out of the cells, tissues and organs so that we can discharge them from our body.

This precious, viscous, flowing tissue is capable of transporting and eliminating a nearly infinite number of chemicals and organic waste products from our cells to the eliminatory organs. We can most certainly provide support to the blood’s innate detoxifying capabilities. We can also provide natural nutritional factors into the blood that directly aid in detoxifying the blood more efficiently. Humans have used blood cleansing herbs throughout history and a lot of value can be placed on this experience. Western healthcare barely considers the concept of maintaining non-toxic blood, so natural means of blood cleansing are great ways to promote glowing health. Great herbal formulations can dramatically benefit the blood itself and aid in the tasks it performs for us every second of our lives.

You will learn here how to use tonic herbs, cleansing herbs and superfoods to purify your blood when necessary and how to help the body to clean your blood, thus helping it remain clean all the times. Asian herbalism has focused on these issues for thousands of years.

Kidney Support

The kidneys filter the blood and help regulate its cell and chemical makeup. Here are classic and modern kidney tonic herbs and formulations that will support the kidney’s critical functioning on an ongoing basis.

Rehmannia Six Formulation - Rehmannia glutinosa, which must be prepared by steaming in alcohol to be an effective kidney tonic without side effects, is traditionally called “the kidney’s own food.” This formula supports the kidney’s blood cleansing actions.

Schizandra Drops - Schizandra berry is highly valued for its blood detoxifying action. It eliminates toxins bound in the liver by binding to toxins in the liver. But then it does more. Schizandra is a phase-II detoxifier. It binds the toxins in the bloodstream as well as in the liver and keeps them bound up until they are passed to the elimination organs to pass out of the body. This keeps the blood clear of toxins even when they are being eliminated from the liver.

Liver Support

The liver is the primary detoxification organ in the body. The liver can neutralize many toxins, including many xenobiotics. Xenobiotics are environmental toxins that have been released into the environment as a by-product of modern civilization – primarily from industry and from artificial foods and drugs that enter our environment in water and air. Liver toxicity has undoubtedly always been a factor in aging and ill-health. But we are now exposed to thousands upon thousands of weird chemicals that nature did not really plan on. Fortunately, the human body is prepared to destroy some of them. The body can also store toxins away in the liver. Even when some very harmful xenobiotics are somewhat broken down, the pieces left over can still be toxin, if somewhat less so. These are often stored in the live as well. Chinese herbalism features many great herbs and herbal formulations that help detoxify the liver, effectively and safely. In fact, there are more liver detoxification formulas than any other kind of formula in Chinese herbalism. At Dragon Herbs, we feature two categories of herbs and formulations that help detoxify the liver: tonics and Bupleurum-based formulations.

Tonic herbs for liver detoxification

Among the top tonic herbs discovered and used in Chinese herbalism, many benefit the liver. The most famous and important liver tonic herbs that help detoxify the liver are:
  • Schizandra
  • Reishi
  • Gynostemma
  • White Peony root
  • Polyrhachis Ant
  • Goji
  • Curcumin

Schizandra Products

Schizandra eeTee® - Schizandra keeps the blood clear of toxins even when they are being eliminated from the liver. The technology used to produce Schizandra eeTee® is the most advanced extraction method in the world, and thus costs more. Schizandra eeTee® maintains the same chemical profile as the raw herb straight from the vine – it is like eating the fresh fruit in a Changbai Mountain forest.

Schizandra Drops - Schizandra Drops may be the best way to use Schizandra to directly detoxify the liver. It contains about 30% alcohol. Alcohol is tropic to the liver – it goes there quickly, carrying the Schizandra molecules with it. The very small amount of alcohol will do no harm to the liver.

Goji and Schizandra Drops - Both Goji and Schizandra constituents migrate to the liver automatically by their very nature. This is a top level formula for daily use to keep the liver and blood clean on an ongoing basis.

Ron Teeguarden's Liver Tonics

Cellular Detox Support Formulation - This formulation contains 6 of the greatest tonic herbs, and all are considered completely safe and non-toxic. All 6 herbs in this formulation support the body’s natural ability to regulate the liver functions while supporting the tissues of the liver. This formula can be used both as a liver tonic and as a general tonic. It may be used throughout one’s lifetime. This formulation does not result in rapid detoxification. Over time, the liver becomes more efficient at self-cleaning.

Cellular Detox Support Formulation - This classic formula is also called “Bupleurum and Rehmannia Combination.” It is very specifically designed to detoxify the blood. It also helps detoxify the liver and helps clear stagnant lymph glands. It is considered a remedial formulation, but it may be used for several months to restore blood purity. Thereafter, I can be consumed in lower doses or one week per month.

Super Ant - Manchurian mountain Polyrhachis Ant (Mountain Ant) is a superb liver detoxifier and tonic. A 2018 study has shown that an active fraction from Polyrhachis Ant can significantly decreased the level of serum uric acid, serum and hepatic xanthine oxidase, serum creatinine, blood urea nitrogen, and malondialdehyde (MDA) as well as increased super oxide dismutase (SOD). Also, a unique set of aldehyde compounds, such as geranicaldehyde, found in Mountain Ant has been demonstrated to have a stronger tonic action than ginseng. These aldehydes compounds play a key role in liver and blood detoxification.

Daily Blood Detoxification

Obviously, it is best to do everything you can to keep the environmental toxins out of your bloodstream. But it is impossible to be even close to perfect and still live in the modern world. Any of the above-mentioned herbs and formulations can be used daily to keep your blood as clean as possible in our brave new world. Here are the top twelve tonic items you can consume to help counteract the toxicity.

Spring Dragon Longevity Tea - This super-tea is based on the great liver detoxifying herb Gynostemma. With five major tonic herbal extracted supersaturated® into the Gynostemma leaves, this is one of the healthiest teas on earth.

Heaven Mountain Goji Berries - Goji berries can be consumed as a snack. They help keep our blood clean.

Schizandra Drops - Schizandra is extracted in alcohol to make a rich tincture. The alcohol acts as a trophic agent that guide the Schizandra molecules to the liver.

Schizandra eeTee® - Schizandra has a unique flavor – in fact it has 5 flavors in 1. That is why the its Chinese name Wu Wei Zi means “5 flavor” herb. eeTee captures the original off-the-forest-vine perfectly. It makes for a terrific afternoon tea.

Tonic Alchemy® - This one single superfood powder contains dozens of natural items that help detoxify the blood, the kidneys, the liver, the colon, and more.

Duanwood®Reishi Capsules - Reishi mushroom is a top-tier tonic herb, and “Duanwood” Reishi is the best variety of cultivated Reishi in the world. These mushrooms are grown on a pristine mountain Reishi plantation on freshly cut forest logs without any chemicals. Duanwood (which means “original wood”) Reishi is a premier liver and blood detoxifying herb.

Duanwood Reishi Drops - Duanwood Reishi® is a premier liver and blood detoxifying herb. The alcohol used to extract the Reishi in Duanwood Reishi Drops™ extracts important alcohol soluble components of the mushroom fruiting body and delivers them to your liver.

PureTrans Resveratrol - PureTrans™ Resveratrol is one of the great discoveries of recent decades. It is highly protective and blood detoxifying.

Super Pill No.1 - Super Pill No.1 is an example of cutting edge nutraceutical herbalism. It contains the liver tonics like Reishi, Rhodiola, Gynostemma and Goji, plus LBPs from Goji and gypenosides (Gynostemma leaf saponins). This is a powerful liver protector and provides profound blood purification support.

Activated Curcumin - Activated Curcumin with piperine (Black pepper extract) to activate absorption, is a world class antioxidant that has been used for centuries in southern Asia to purify the blood.

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