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  1. The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs Book
    • By Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden
    • Teaches the principles and philosophy of tonic herbalism
    • A guide to the Taoist approach to herbs
    • Describes all major tonic herbs
    • How to use the tonic herbs to live better
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  2. ...And I Breathed
    • Former Fortune 500 company executive’s journey from “a life of matter to a life that matters”
    • Handbook for every executive looking to find peace of mind to go with business success
    • Jason Garner shares the lessons gained on his rise to CEO of Global Music at Live Nation, and (finally) learning to breathe while sitting cross-legged with timeless Masters of body, mind, and spirit
    • This book will touch your heart, stimulate your brain and cause you to ask the kinds of questions that provoke growth and positive change in your life
    • A fun read
    • Jason describes his journey to the Shaolin Temple in China with Ron Teeguarden
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  3. Half Earth: Our Planet's Fight for Life
    • May well be the most important book of our generation
    • Discusses potential mass extinction and the necessity to preserve the biodiversity of our planet
    • Written by world renowned Harvard University professor emeritus
    • Proposes that we dedicate fully half the surface of the Earth to nature
    • A great, compelling, sometimes sad, sometimes optimistic read – the man knows how to write
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  4. Herbs for Spiritual Development by Ganga Nath
    • Ganga Nath’s wondrous book describes his and his wife Tara’s amazing adventures in the realm of global spiritual awakening
    • He tells his story of his years as Ron Teeguarden’s apprentice
    • Ganga and Tara describe the herbs used for spiritual development
    • Ganga and Tara also share their story of the many years they spent in India studying and meditating with a several extraordinary gurus
    • The book is jam packed with gorgeous photos of India and China
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