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How long will you perform? Will you still be an athlete in your 40s or 60s? That of course depends upon how you take care of yourself, how you nurture your body, how well your body repairs itself, and upon your will to continue. From a big point of view, you don’t want to be a fine young athlete who loses it completely once you pass your athletic prime. In fact, if you want to extend your career you must in a sense age more slowly. Not many things can serve you better in this regard than tonic herbs.

Kinetic Ginseng - Ginseng is the King of Herbs for good reason. It is empowering, strengthening and promotes 

Return to Youth Formula - Return to Youth Formula was invented about one thousand years ago in China. It remains to this day one of the most widely used youth and health-preserving formulations. It contains herbs from each of the three “treasures,” Jing, Qi and Shen. It is a power formula and preserves fluids. It is a powerful antioxidant formula made with numerous high-potency antioxidant herbs. This formulation can form the foundation of a long career. 

Super Pill No.2 - This is a very modern formulation made with cutting edge ingredients and made by cutting edge technology. All of the herbs in the formula are premium adaptogens extracted and refined by FITT technology. Super Pill No.2 also contains a rich dose of the most active constituent of the great tonic herb Astragalus root, Astragaloside IV. It also is a rich dose of Resveratrol. You know about Resveratrol – it protects your tissues and organs, it helps self-healing throughout the body, and lengthens the life of every animal it has been tested on.


  1. Kinetic Ginseng 30 cap
    • Fermented Korean Red Ginseng
    • Advanced technology Ginseng extract utilizing the gut bacteria (probiotic) that naturally digests Ginseng in the human gut
    • Rich in ginsenosides, including those normally produced in the human gut
    • Fermentation results in 100% bioavailability of all Ginseng ginsenosides
    • Contains Rg3, Compound K and Rb1, the three most important ginsenosides (not available in normal Ginseng products)
    • Supports the immune system
    • Supports metabolic functions
    • Supports respiratory functions
    • Supports neurological functions
    • Supports healthy aging
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  2. Return to Youth Formula
    • A super classic formulation
    • Strong vegan Jing tonification
    • Supports healthy aging
    • Supports the Heart, Kidney and Spleen
    • Supports immune functions
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  3. Super Pill No. 2
    • Astragaloside IV
    • Supports chromosomal integrity
    • Trans-Resveratrol supports Sirtuin functions which in turn promote healthy aging
    • Includes five supertonic extracts
    • Cutting edge FITT nutraceutical technology
    • Tonifies all three Treasures
    • Builds and supports all three Treasures
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  4. Imperial Garden
    • Supports Jing restoration
    • Builds and maintains primal energy
    • Supports sexual functioning in men and women
    • Supports leg and back strength
    • Based on classic Return to Youth Formula, plus Cordyceps, Ginseng and Epimedium
    • Supports brain power
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