Elixir Pouches with 73 Added Minerals from Utah’s Great Salt Lake

Elixir Pouches with 73 Added Minerals from Utah’s Great Salt Lake

Item No: BDL-364
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Magu's Beauty Tea
Healer's Tea in Retort Pouch
Zen Shen Elixir Pouches
Fritillary Lung in Retort Pouch
Rejuvenation Tea
Tibetan Treasure in Retort Pouch
Product Description

  1. Tibetan Treasure in Retort Pouch
    • Extraordinary Himalayan and Chinese tonic herbs
    • Powerful long-term tonic benefits
    • Instant energy
    • Profound mental clarity
    • Supports enhanced respiration and metabolism
    • Yoga support
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  2. Magu's Beauty Tea
    • Ultimate source of beauty from within
    • Nurtures the skin and hair
    • Brightens the eyes
    • Includes rare Himalayan herb for beauty, Snow Lotus
    • Contains Pearl, Tibetan Rhodiola and Gynostemma
    • Builds blood and harmonizes organ and systemic functions
    • This is an imperial brew, suitable for a goddess or imperial lady
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  3. Healer's Tea in Retort Pouch
    • Quickly replenishes spent Jing (the primal source of vitality)
    • Hydrating
    • Mineral replenishment
    • Delicious and refreshing tea
    • Authentic Taoist formula
    • Originally designed 2,000 years ago for caregivers and healers to replace spent Jing
    • Extremely effective at replacing lost body fluids and rebuilding Yin
    • Powerful restorative qualities
    • Also known as “Honeymooner's Tea,” useful for frequent sexual activity
    • Supports sexual recovery
    • Aids recovery from exercise and overwork
    • Cooling
    • Superb skin and lung tonic
    • Naturally rich in trace minerals and electrolytes
    • Great post-workout drink that is superior to modern commercial electrolyte beverages
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  4. Zen Shen Elixir Pouches
    • Zen herbalism at its best
    • Promotes mental focus and clarity
    • Promotes relaxation
    • Supports meditation
    • Supports healthy stress response
    • L-theanine from green tea (not from yeast like other brands)
    • Does not cause drowsiness
    • Can promote sound sleep
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  5. Fritillary Lung in Retort Pouch
    • Soothes temporarily dry or parched throat and lungs
    • Contains premium quality Fritillaria bulb (an herb that comes in many grades)
    • Helps maintain skin moisture
    • With Great Salt Lake trace minerals with low sodium content
    • Contains Luo Han Guo fruit: a lung tonic that adds sweetness to your elixir
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  6. Rejuvenation Tea
    • Powerful regenerative qualities
    • Superb skin and lung tonic
    • Useful for engaging in frequent sexual activity
    • Rich in electrolytes, making it a great post-workout drink
    • Ancient Taoist formula used to quickly replenish spent Jing
    • Perfect for DBG (Desktop Botanical Garden™ brewing and serving system)
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