Elixir Pouches with 73 Added Minerals from Utah’s Great Salt Lake

Product Description

  1. Healer's Tea in Retort Pouch
    • Quickly replenishes spent Jing (the primal source of vitality)
    • Hydrating
    • Mineral replenishment
    • Delicious and refreshing tea
    • Authentic Taoist formula
    • Originally designed 2,000 years ago for caregivers and healers to replace spent Jing
    • Extremely effective at replacing lost body fluids and rebuilding Yin
    • Powerful restorative qualities
    • Also known as “Honeymooner's Tea,” useful for frequent sexual activity
    • Supports sexual recovery
    • Aids recovery from exercise and overwork
    • Cooling
    • Superb skin and lung tonic
    • Naturally rich in trace minerals and electrolytes
    • Great post-workout drink that is superior to modern commercial electrolyte beverages
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  2. Tibetan Treasure in Retort Pouch
    • Extraordinary Himalayan and Chinese tonic herbs
    • Powerful long-term tonic benefits
    • Instant energy
    • Profound mental clarity
    • Supports enhanced respiration and metabolism
    • Yoga support
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  3. Zen Shen Elixir Pouches
    • Zen herbalism at its best
    • Promotes mental focus and clarity
    • Promotes relaxation
    • Supports meditation
    • Supports healthy stress response
    • L-theanine from green tea (not from yeast like other brands)
    • Does not cause drowsiness
    • Can promote sound sleep
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  4. Fritillary Lung in Retort Pouch
    • Soothes temporarily dry or parched throat and lungs
    • Contains premium quality Fritillaria bulb (an herb that comes in many grades)
    • Helps maintain skin moisture
    • With Great Salt Lake trace minerals with low sodium content
    • Contains Luo Han Guo fruit: a lung tonic that adds sweetness to your elixir
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  5. Magu's Beauty Tea
    • Ultimate source of beauty from within
    • Nurtures the skin and hair
    • Brightens the eyes
    • Includes rare Himalayan herb for beauty, Snow Lotus
    • Contains Pearl, Tibetan Rhodiola and Gynostemma
    • Builds blood and harmonizes organ and systemic functions
    • This is an imperial brew, suitable for a goddess or imperial lady
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  6. Rejuvenation Tea
    • Powerful regenerative qualities
    • Superb skin and lung tonic
    • Useful for engaging in frequent sexual activity
    • Rich in electrolytes, making it a great post-workout drink
    • Ancient Taoist formula used to quickly replenish spent Jing
    • Perfect for DBG (Desktop Botanical Garden™ brewing and serving system)
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