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  1. Spring Dragon Longevity Tea
    • World famous tonic herbal tea
    • Considered by many to be the healthiest tea on earth
    • Based on sweet organically grown Gynostemma leaves
    • Contains six superior tonic herbs – Eleuthero root (“Siberian Ginseng), Goji berry, Schizandra berry, Astragalus root and Luo Han Guo fruit
    • Delicious and satisfying daily herbal tea
    • A powerful tonic tea
    • Double direction Qi tonic – helps with energy during the day, helps to relax and sleep at night Superior adaptogenic formula that supports healthy aging
    • Dragon Herbs exclusive Super-Infusion™ Process (SIP™)
    • Five premier tonic herbs are extracted and concentrated into a paste, which is then soaked into the Gynostemma leaves to make this remarkable daily tea (SIP™)
    • Tea bags for absolute ease of use
    • One bag makes multiple cups
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  2. Tonic Alchemy
    • Vegan superfood matrix
    • Provides incredible nutrition
    • 91 ingredients in 1 superfood powder
    • Superfoods, green vegetables, grasses, dried grass juices, tonic herbs, probiotics, seaweeds, superfruits, garden vegetables, sprouts
    • Fermented (pre-digested) herbs and veggies including Kinetic Ginseng
    • Balances intestinal flora
    • Contains probiotics
    • As a whole, an ultimate prebiotic matrix
    • Builds Jing, Qi and Shen
    • Enriches blood
    • Nurtures bone marrow
    • Benefits hair and nails
    • Chlorophyll-rich
    • No simple sugar, colors, additives, preservatives
    • Gluten free
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  3. Heaven Mountain Goji Berries
    • 100% Natural sundried Goji berries
    • Heaven Mountain Goji Berries are widely regarded by connoisseurs in China and around the world as the best Goji berries in the world
    • Snack grade delicious
    • Plump, juicy and naturally sweet
    • Herb grade serious – more than a superfruit, Goji is one of the major tonic herbs
    • Extraordinary, balanced phytonutrient content
    • Di Tao from Heaven Mountain
    • No chemicals have ever touched these berries or the plants from which they are derived
    • No sugar, colors or preservatives
    • Rich in natural vitamin C and Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharides (LBPs)
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  4. Hermit's Mix 6oz.
    • Powerful anti-aging tonic and a wonderful snack
    • One of Dragon Herbs’ best-selling products for almost two decades
    • Gives you incredible energy and suppresses appetite
    • Unique, delicious and healthy “herbal food”
    • Composed of premium grade Goji, Longan fruit, Walnuts and Pine Nuts
    • Provides all three Treasures, Jing, Qi and Shen
    • Everyone in the family will enjoy Hermit’s Mix™
    • It can be used in dozens of recipes
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  5. Supreme Protector
    • Primary Jing, Qi and Shen support
    • Superb tonic herbal protection and adaptability
    • Immune system support
    • Supports appropriate stress response
    • Supports all major bodily systems
    • Made with premium quality Duanwood Reishi, Astragalus, Cordyceps and Schizandra
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  6. Skinless Walnuts
    • Water scrubbed to remove skin
    • Sweet and delicious
    • Heart healthy
    • Famed Jing tonic
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  7. Healthy Vinegar 8 oz
    • Delicious and complex flavor profile, superior to Balsamic vinegar in flavor and in function.
    • Beijing Medical University concludes that Healthy Vinegar supports and maintains healthy blood triglycerides and lipids levels.
    • Contains important heart healthy herbs such as Crataegus and Red Dates.
    • Thousand-year-old recipe, made by a 700 year old vinegar brewery.
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  8. Loquat and Fritillary Syrup
    • 100% natural herbs and honey
    • Helps maintain fluidity and clarity of throat and voice
    • Nourishes the lungs
    • Supports healthy respiratory function
    • Tastes so delicious, even kids love it!
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  9. Virugo Max eeTee in Jar
    • Well-tested herbal formulation with immune supporting activity
    • Regulates the immune system
    • Supports respiratory functioning
    • Promotes inner power
    • Over 200 million doses of this 100% natural dietary supplement have been consumed in China over the past decade
    • No significant side effects or toxicity, according to the Chinese government studies
    • Made with FITT™ technology that preserves and protects all the active constituents
    • United States exclusive product from Dragon Herbs
    • Keep this product on hand for immediate use when needed
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  10. Yin Qiao
    • Classic seasonal support formulation
    • Made with premium quality raw materials for enhanced potency
    • Oil trap collects all essential oils to increase potency
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