Spring Immune System

This was one crazy winter. And the extreme moisture and weather that we all experienced this year is resulting in a fabulous Spring. It’s one of the biggest blooms in years! For some people though, the riotous explosion of spring flowers, grasses, coniferous pollens and other microscopic allergens are causing all kinds of itchy eyes, runny noses, breathing difficulties, headaches and wooziness.

Dragon Herbs offers several truly wonderful all-natural herbal products that can help by balancing the immune system and its responses. These special products are based on herbs and formulations that have been used for centuries by hundreds of millions of people – and each one has a sound scientific basis. They are safe for every member of the family and don’t contain any stimulants, sedatives, or addictive drugs with side effects - just great, reliable, time-tested, safe, super clean herbs of the highest quality on the planet.

Perilla Clear Capsules

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Perilla Clear™ supports immune response and supports healthy lung functions. This is an adaptogenic formulation with a powerful immune regulator, designed for people who live in polluted, dusty, smoky or pollen dense environments.

Magnolia Sinus Capsules

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Magnolia Sinus™ helps open blocked nasal passages and assists breathing. Made with safe non-addictive herbal extracts.

Free the Lungs Capsules

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Free the Lungs is a classical formulation that has been used in Asia for hundreds of years. It supports free breathing and healthy lung function. It contains no ephedrine or other stimulating herbs.

Have questions? Need personalized herbal consultations?

Herbal consultations are complimentary and are available in person and over the phone to qualified accounts.¹

1 Complimentary consultations are available only to qualified accounts with current contact information (email, phones, mail address). Complicated cases may be subject to fees at Dragon Herbs herbalists’ discretion, with prior approval from the client.

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