Healer's Tea in Retort Pouch

Healer's Tea in Retort Pouch

  • Quickly replenishes spent Jing (the primal source of vitality)
  • Hydrating
  • Mineral replenishment
  • Delicious and refreshing tea
  • Authentic Taoist formula
  • Originally designed 2,000 years ago for caregivers and healers to replace spent Jing
  • Extremely effective at replacing lost body fluids and rebuilding Yin
  • Powerful restorative qualities
  • Also known as “Honeymooner's Tea,” useful for frequent sexual activity
  • Supports sexual recovery
  • Aids recovery from exercise and overwork
  • Cooling
  • Superb skin and lung tonic
  • Naturally rich in trace minerals and electrolytes
  • Great post-workout drink that is superior to modern commercial electrolyte beverages
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Product Description

Energy Replenishment Elixir
Rapid Jing Restorative

Healer’s Tea is an ancient Taoist formula used to quickly replenish spent Jing. Jing is one’s primal source of vitality — our deep energy reserve. This great formula is extremely effective at replacing lost body fluids and rebuilding Yin. It has powerful restorative qualities, and is a superb skin and lung tonic. A main ingredient is Dendrobium, a variety of Chinese orchid. Dendrobium rapidly generates body fluids and is cooling in nature. It has traditionally been used by practitioners of the healing arts to help replenish vital energies spent in the process of their work, which involves the giving up of Jing, Qi and Shen. Also known as “Honeymooners Tea”, it is useful for those engaged in frequent sexual activity. Healer’s Tea is naturally rich in trace minerals and electrolytes, making it a great post-workout drink that is far superior to modern commercial electrolyte beverages. It is delicious and refreshing, hot or cold.

Ingredients: Dendrobium stem, Schizandra fruit, Goji berries, Licorice root, Great Salt Lake minerals, Luo Han Guo extract

Traditional Function
Jing replenishment, replaces lost body fluids and rebuilds Yin.
Who can use it?
7 pouches, 4 fl. oz. each
Other Ingredients
Purified Alkaline Water
1 pouch per serving with 8-12 oz. of liquid of choice
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  1. "This tastes good, is calming to inflammation. I also liked the dried eetea powder, but that seems to be out of stock. This is a good alternative and convenient in the sense that you can open a pouch and pour it into a glass and drink it cold with lemon juice, for example, or mixed with fresh orange juice is also good. "

    Megan, Very good
  2. "I really enjoyed this tea! I believe it also helped replenish fluids in my body & ease my pelvic tension. Thank you!"

    Shelly, Taste great!

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