Rehmannia Root

Botanical Name: Rehmanniae Radix

Latin: Rehmannia glutinosa

PinYin: Di Huang

Rehmannia Root


Steamed (“Prepared”) Rehmannia is said to be the “Kidney’s own food.” It is renowned as a Kidney tonic herb and is found in many traditional and modern formulations for longevity and rejuvenation. Traditionally it was a very common lead herb in formulations to promote healthy aging and to preserve one’s youth. It is a premium blood tonic and is said to benefit sexual functions in men and women. Rehmannia is not a tonic herb when it is consumed raw (un-cooked). It must be steamed in wine vapor to modulate its chemistry and action into that of a “tonic.” The steamed variety is said to be warm in nature. Raw (not-steamed) Rehmannia is also used in Chinese herbalism, but it is not a tonic herb — it is used remedially in formulations used to detoxify the body and to promote the functions of the lymph glands. Both raw and prepared Rehmannia are elite herbal substances, but must be carefully chosen.


Left: Rehmannia before steaming -- it has a dull tone and it is not a tonic herb.

Middle: Rehmannia root must be steamed with wine to become tonic. After steaming, it has a glossy tone.

Right: A Rehmannia plant (growing wild in Dragon Herbs Botanical Garden).


Many Dragon Herbs formulations contain Rehmannia root as a major ingredient. Here are some –

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