Blood Tonifying

Our blood is a carrier fluid that delivers vital nutrients, minerals and gases to cells throughout the body. That is its first function in the body. It also serves as a primary means of carrying byproducts of our living metabolism and waste out of the cells, tissues and organs so that we can discharge them from our body.

In its own right, blood is a viscous, flowing tissue. It is stunningly complex and sophisticated. It is highly regulated genetically, by the organs of the body and through its own self-regulatory functions. It is composed of dozens, if not hundreds, of different cell types, plus a vast array of refined nutrient components, minerals, life supporting chemicals, gases, messenger molecules and more. It also contains some toxins, foreign microbes and organic fragments that get past the filters of the body and pollute the blood, and eventually poison the cells and tissues of the body.

In Asian health philosophy, blood it considered central to the Three Treasures system. The health of the blood itself is considered fundamental being fundamental to life. Our blood is part of our Qi system, as it carries vitality and nutrition to our tissues. Healthy blood results in glowing health, whereas unhealthy blood leads to disease and degeneration. The quality of our blood is to a large degree under our control, based upon how we breath, what and how we eat and drink, and as a reflection of our lifestyle.

The health of our blood is discernable by those who know what to look for. It is reflected in our skin, tongue, hair, eyes, nails and menses, etc. The Asian Way of Life Cultivation emphasizes “nourishing (tonifying) the blood,” “moving the blood” and “purifying the blood.” Western health care mainly looks at what is inside your blood – its individual components. Asian healthcare is very interested in the health of the blood itself.

Do you know how to nurture (tonify) your blood so that it is rich in everything it and your body needs? If not, this is a section you should review carefully. Blood nourishing is also called blood tonification. So herbs and foods that nurture your blood are called “blood tonics.”

In this section you will learn how to tonify your blood so that it is remarkably potent. In other sections of Health Issues A-Z, you will learn how to purify your blood when necessary, how to guaranty excellent blood circulation (“move the blood”) and how to help the body to clean your blood, thus helping it remain clean all the time. Asian herbalism has focused on these issues for thousands of years. Great tonic and cleansing herbs, herbal formulations and superfoods can dramatically benefit the blood itself, and aid in the tasks it performs for us every second of our lives.

Nurturing Our Blood

The Chinese art of life cultivation places great emphasis on nurturing our blood. That means feeding your blood itself, not only the other organs and tissues of the body. Rich, natural food nurtures your blood. Vegetables, herbs and wild plants. Those who choose to eat animal products should understand that certain components of the animal tissue feed our blood, but other components of most animal products can harm your blood. Chinese herbalism and diet offer hundreds of great blood nourishing teas and foods. Here a some of them.

Heaven Mountain Goji Berries

Goji berries nourish the blood itself. This super fruit, which is also a major tonic herb, nourishes the blood cells and encourages a healthy balance of blood components. These berries are delicious when they come from Heaven Mountain in Central Asia. They help build more red blood cells, which in turn carry oxygen to your tissues.

He Shou Wu Root Extract

He Shou Wu is one of the premier blood nourishing herbs in the world. This blood nourishing ability is central to its infamous rejuvenating quality (along with its blood purifying quality and powerful Jing tonifying ability). Dragon Herbs offers several terrific options, including capsules, “drops” (tincture), and instant granules (eeTee®). All of these Dragon Herbs He Shou Wu products are made from organic He Shou Wu roots that have grown for at least 8 years in the ground (most American products are made with much weaker 1-year old roots). All Dragon Herbs He Shou Wu roots have been processed by the traditional method of cooking with black beans before drying and extracting.

Longan Fruit

Longan fruit is an exotic fruit that is extremely widely consumed in Asia, but barely known in America. It is eaten fresh during the fall throughout China, but is consumed as a dried fruit the rest of the year. The fruit is sublimely delicious to most people, but it is a unique flavor that some people describe as sweet and smoky. Longan is one of the elite blood tonics of Chinese herbalism and regular consumption supports healthy, rich blood all the time. Keep in mind, not all Longan fruit is created equal.

Longan fruit as a snack - Dragon Herbs Longan fruit is grown on a tract of land that is centered by a Taoist temple, quite a blessing! It is grown without the use of sprays or chemicals. Dragon Herbs Longan is naturally sweet and full of flavor. No sugar or preservatives of any kind are ever used. However, please note that many other brands do add sugar because their quality starts off lower. And many other brands use sulfur to maintain apparent freshness. Consume an ounce or two a day as a delicious blood tonic snack.

Longan Drops - Longan Drops is a potent extract of our Longan fruit. It is delicious, easy to consume and effective as a great blood tonic.

Longan eeTee - Our premium Longan fruit is extracted by FITT technology, which is a raw extraction process (extraction temperature is around human body temperature). Longan eeTee is an instant granule that dissolves in a matter of seconds in water to produce a wonderful beverage or tea.

Dang Gui Root

Dang Gui is a premier blood tonic herb. It is often associated with women’s formulations, but men often take it as well. It is a “woman’s herb” in that it is such a strong blood tonic and because it improves blood circulation. There is a general belief in Chinese herbalism that “men are controlled by Qi and women are controlled by blood.” Obviously, men and women both need Qi and blood to live and thrive – so this is more a matter of balance. Women are encouraged to Consume at least one formulation that contains Dang Gui, for men it is optional. Whenever you see Dang Gui in a Chinese formulation, you know that the formulation is at least partially aimed at nurturing (building, tonifying) the blood.

Dang Gui Four Combination - This is the fundamental herbal formulation for women in all of Chinese herbalism. It is composed of four blood tonics, headed by Dang Gui. We use premium grade Dang Gui (and the other three herbs too) to make this great tonic for women. A few capsules a day will build blood, maintain blood quality and support healthy circulation.

Ten Complete Supertonic Combination - Ten Complete Combination is one of the penultimate classical herbal tonic formulations for men or women of any age or condition. It contains a strong Qi building component and an equally strong blood nourishing component.

Dang Gui and Longan - This is a very effective blood tonic and is used by millions of women in Asia to build and maintain strong blood.

Women’s Balance - This famous blood tonic for women helps regulate menstrual functions. For details, consult with a Dragon Herbs senior herbalist.

Natural Woman - This famous blood tonic for women also helps regulate menstrual functions. It is famous for its centering functions. For details, consult with a Dragon Herbs senior herbalist.

Magu’s Secret - Magu is the Goddess of Youth and Beauty. This formula builds blood and tonifies all three Treasures. It is vegan.

Magu’s Treasure - Magu is the Goddess of Youth and Beauty. This formula builds blood and tonifies all three Treasures. It contains Pearl Powder.

Blood Tonic Tea for DBG - This classic style package of herbs can be brewed to make a rich herbal tea. It is composed of Dang Gui and Longan fruit, 2 major blood tonics. It is quite delicious and can be consumed daily as a blood tonic. This is a very effective blood tonic and is used by millions of women in Asia to build and maintain strong blood.

Beauteeee™Tea for DBG - Beauteeee™ is composed of blood building herbs that reflect in healthy radiant skin.

Magu’s Tonic Bliss Tea - This truly delicious herbal tea contains the main vegan blood tonic herbs used by women in Asia along with several spice herbs for flavor. It also contains some black tea for a gentle energy boost.

Rehmannia Root

Rehmannia is one of the premier tonic herbs of Chinese herbalism. Among its many qualities, it is one of the most important blood tonics. Dragon Herbs offers several powerful Rehmannia-based formulations.

Rehmannia Six Combination - This is the basic Rehmannia formulation of Chinese herbalism. It was created nearly two thousand years ago. It is a great blood tonic and a great Jing tonic.

Shou Wu Formulation - This formula is designed as a blood tonic that also restores Jing. It contains the major blood tonics described in this section like He Shou Wu and Rehmannia.

Hair and Nails - Hair and Nails is a blood tonic that is tropic to the scalp and nails. It helps nourish the hair and nails for healthier growth.

Deer Antler

Deer Antler is a very powerful blood tonic, and does so in different ways than the vegan blood tonics. It is believed in Asia that Deer Antler not only builds blood, but that it also provides enormous Qi to the blood.

Deer Antler Drops - Dragon Herbs uses ONLY TIPS to make its antler products. The “tips” are the last half inch of the antler when it is still in velvet (alive). Other brands do NOT use tips, they use “middles” that are much less potent as a Jing and as a blood tonic. This is a premium product.

Extreme Deer Antler Drops - This is the ultimate grade of Deer Antler. Only the last millimeter of the antler is used to make this extract. It is private reserve, and is only available from time to time.

Shanghai Lady Drops - Shanghai Lady contains Deer Antler tips. Shanghai lady is primarily a Jing tonic. But it is also a superb blood tonic.

Deer Antler Tonic Bliss Tea - This is the most delicious deer antler tea imaginable. It is made with premium Deer Antler tips to build Jing and blood, along with delicious spice teas from around the world.

Astragalus Root

Astragalus root is widely regarded to be one of the premier tonic herbs in the world. It is known as a superior Qi tonic. It is also a premier blood tonic. It is traditionally believed to nourish the bone marrow, where blood progenitor cells reside.

Astragalus eeTee® - This is a room-temperature extraction of superior grade Yantai Astragalus root. It has been granlulated for instant dissolving in water, hot or cold. A rich Qi and blood tonic for daily use.

Astragalus Advanced™ - This is the most potent version of Astragalus on the market. It is a profound blood tonic, and contains 25% total astragalosides per capsule (a whopping healthy dose) of the main constituent, and 100 mg of astragalus polysaccharides per capsule.

Astragalus Capsules - This is a pure-yield extract of premium grade Yantai Astragalus roots. It is a great Qi and blood tonic.

Super Pill®No.2 - Super Pill® No.2 is a broad spectrum tonic formulation. One of its main ingredients is Astragalus eeTee® and another main ingredient is Astragaloside IV, the main constituent of Astragalus root.

Codonopsis & Astragalus Combination - A classic Qi and blood tonic that features Astragalus root. Codonopsis is another great Qi tonic that also happens to be an excellent blood tonic herb.

Ten Complete Supertonic Combination - Ten Complete Supertonic Combination is a classic Qi and blood tonic. It is really the king of broad spectrum Qi and blood tonic formulas in all of Chinese history. It features Astragalus, Rehmannia and Dang Gui as blood tonics.

Ginseng Supportive Combination - One of the most famous classic formulas in Chinese herbalism, Ginseng Supportive Combination (historically called “Ginseng Nutritive Combination”) builds Jing, Qi, blood and Shen.


Greens are green because of chlorophyll, a green pigment that is responsible for absorption of light to provide energy for photosynthesis. It is the basis of life on earth. Cholorophyll is used to make hemoglobin, the red pigment of red blood cells. Chlorophyll aids in replenishing and restoring red blood cells. You must eat greens to have healthy blood.

Tonic Alchemy® - Tonic Alchemy®, Dragon Herbs flagship superfood product, contains multiple green grasses, green vegetables and green seaweed. It also contains blood nourishing tonic herbs. This is among the best pure blood tonics on earth.

Hydrilla Powder - Hydrilla is a wild green water vegetable. It is nutrient dense, provides B vitamins, and is a superb blood tonic. Add to blender drinks.

Ashitaba Powder - Ashitaba is a green vegetable native to southern Japan, especially Okinawa. It has been used as a blood tonic for millennia. Add to blender drinks.

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