Stress Support

Living is stressful. We can enhance our capacity to handle stress through healthy living practices. Our ability to handle stress is based on our adaptive capacity. Our body, brain and psyche can handle a great amount of change, challenge and overt stress if we are healthy. However, stress drains our energy and if it is very acute or chronic, it can be draining to our energy reserves and can damage our systems. Stress can be debilitating if our adaptive energy is not restored and can precipitate accelerated aging or degeneration.

Tonic herbs have been used for many centuries to build adaptive energy and to replenish the energy spent handling stress. And here’s a great secret – successful people can handle stress where others cannot handle quite as much. A person with great stores of adaptive energy can take on more significant challenges and come through unscathed.

Daily stress support

We experience stress literally every hour of every day. In order to support your adaptive stress vitality, it is wise to consume a Three Treasures programs on a regular basis. Here are a few great options.

Mental Stress

If the source of stress if primarily mental, as it would be with academics, teachers, executives and all the office workers of the world, and so on, then there is advantage to consuming tonic herbs that promote mental energy, mental adaptability and support brain health.

Emotional Stress

If the stress is coming from an emotional place, or is causing an emotional response, you may appreciate herbs that allow you to experience the feelings without these feeling becoming overwhelming, draining or dangerous. Here are some tonic formulations that helps stabilize emotional overload.

Physical Stress

Pushing yourself, or being pushed, physically is certainly an important form of stress. The body can handle just so much work before it shuts down or breaks down. A physical breakdown can have huge repercussions on every level. So increasing our physical adaptive capacity and knowing what to do in case of physical stress can have remarkable benefits in both the short and long haul.

High Stress situations

If you are immersed in a high intensity situation that is pushing the stress-threshold, it is a great idea to take some extra tonic herbs prior to, during and after the situation.

Chronic Stress

When we experience chronic stress, it causes a constant “leaking” of our Jing, our reserve energy. Even if slow, chronic stress causing the aging process to accelerate and results in system malfunction. We ALL experience some chronic stress, and some people experience severe chronic stress. Tonic herbs were practically invented for those people.

Adrenal Support

Everybody knows that stress response is largely coordinated in the adrenal cortex. Stress of any kind causes the adrenals to function at a higher gear and if the stress is significant it can cause the adrenals to become fatigued, or even injured. Protecting and supporting the adrenal cortex is central to stress management. Here are some tonic herbal formulas that support adrenal health.


Traveling is stressful. It may be fun, but it is stressful on your body (at least until you hit the beach). Flying, driving long distances, dealing with security, cars and hotels can be exhausting. Here’s what you need to reduce the negative effects of traveling.


Being a caregiver is by definition stressful – often very stressful. Caregivers need to sufficiently and constantly restore their Jing Qi and must find ways to protect and nourish their Shen.

Also see the program entitled Caregivers’ Support

Stress and longevity

How we handle stress has a direct impact on our longevity. Living is stressful, so it’s more about how we handle stress that what the stress is. Long-lived people handle stress more efficiently and don’t suffer the worst consequences of occasional acute stress or long term chronic stress. Here are some Dragon Herbs products that may be taken for a lifetime and constantly improve our stress response.

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