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In most cases traveling should be fun, exciting and rejuvenating. But in ALL cases, traveling itself can be tiring, frustrating and even a bit risky. When you’re traveling, you body and mind both must adapt to new environments, sometimes instantaneously. Sometimes the shifts are dramatic. The body and mind must adjust. You will always be exposed to new toxins and microbes, new food, a re-adjusted time schedule (sometimes really dramatic). Your sleep, immune system, digestion and regularity are often at risk. Here are some herbal products that can support you when traveling. Please trust us, these products have been well tested under brutal traveling circumstances.

Ron Teeguarden’s Personal Quick-Trip Kit

For a quick trip (between 4 and 10 days) Ron Teeguarden will bring a kit like the following – give or take a couple of items – in his travel bag. Time of year and weather will have an additional impact that is not shown below but should be considered. Will it be snow or summer heat, the tropics or the arctic, a water world or desert? Is it a trip to New York City, or to Heaven Mountain in the middle of nowhere in western Asia, or to the Philippines? Selecting the herbs to bring with you is a bit like selecting the clothes to bring with you – dress accordingly.

Supreme Travel Kit

This is the supreme Travel Kit. This is what Ron and Yanlin Teeguarden bring with them on their international trips to weird and distant places. This is their shared kit designed for a 2-4-week adventure with extensive countryside and urban traveling. Their young adult kids tap into this kit as well. It includes the basics and the items for emergency. Feel free to make changes and/or additions.


It takes energy to travel. It takes energy just to make arrangements, much less doing the actual traveling. If your destination requires hard work or lots of walking, you’ll want lots of energy support and coffee may not do the real job without a supreme crash. No matter what, always bring a potent Ginseng product with you on your travels.


Sleep can be a problem for a lot of people at home. Traveling makes things worse. Here is some help.

Digestive Support

Even a 5 star hotel can cause problems if you’re used to simple fare. But if you travel right, you’ll go native and a little digestive support may come in handy.

Jet Lag

The ancient Chinese did not experience jet lag, but a classic formula has risen to international consciousness in the last few decades. Poria 5 Combination helps adjust water metabolism. Consume it on the flight and after arriving. You may take it along with your melatonin. There is less jet lag.

Chill Time

"Moutai Recovery"

A high likelihood situation you might encounter while traveling would be a little extra alcohol consumption. You may benefit from some natural hangover support. We have suggested that you bring Poria Five Combination with you the reduce the effects of jet lag. That is actually a modern use of this great classic formula. He hope you take our advice. Traditionally, Poria Five Combination has been known as “the drinker’s friend.” Asian people are notorious for their over-consumption of liquor. They have great expertise in hangovers. Poria Five Combination is used to support normal circulation and to support the digestive system and kidney’s combined function of dispelling “dampness” from the body, alleviate blockage in the circulation and change of vital energy, water retention, headache, vomiting and thirst associated with over-drinking. Drink plenty of water with it.

Immune System Support

You don’t want to get stuck in a foreign place without some immune system backup support. You should consume adaptogenic formulas to build your traveling fortitude. You should have at least one big booster on hand as well.

First Aid


Traveling taxes your body’s capacity to cope with environmental changes. Adapting requires energy and if this energy is deficient you may suffer the consequences of maladjustment and fatigue. Adaptogenic herbs are necessary at all times in life, but at no time more so than while traveling to a new environment.

Three Treasures Support

You need to support your three Treasures while traveling. Supporting your Jing, Qi and Shen is a never-ceasing opportunity. The formulas used for protection and adaptability will provide the Three Treasures. All of the following products provide all three Treasures.

Ginseng When Traveling

As we stated in the beginning, never go on a trip without a bottle of high quality Ginseng. It is the swiss army knife of travel support. It is energizing, relaxing, stress protective, adaptogenic, protective, mind enhancing, wisdom enhancing and circadian rhythm adjusting. Keep it with you at all times. Take it frequently for a great trip.

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