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College students need dietary supplement support because they need to be able to learn and memorize stuff, excel in projects, finals and papers, socialize and network, keep their skin and hair in as good a shape as possible while still going through physical and mental development, plus stay awake to be able to do all of these and beyond. However, they tend to eat pretty poorly, get too little sleep, and get pretty stressed out. The key phrase for a real college student is “burning the candle at both ends.” Here are some good, simple products that students can take and have an easier, better time in school. And don’t be afraid, they’re all safe, moderately priced and healthy in multiple ways.

Maintaining Physical Energy

As a college student, you’re young, but your energy may go up and down throughout the month and year. No question you need energy to get all your work done and still have time and energy for extra-curricular activities.

Immediate Mental Energy

You can learn without supplementing your mental energy, but sometimes it helps to stay awake in class or while studying, doing homework and writing papers. Energy Drinks commonly available in the local fast food market are not healthy and after a while will hurt you. Instead, learn to drink tea. Tea works well for studying as it keeps you awake and alert, and two main chemicals in tea have been proven to improve both short term and long-term memory. Unlike coffee, tea relieves feelings of stress and anxiety. Enjoy these Dragon Herbs' premium loose leaf teas; we do not like to sell tea bags for them. Generally, tea bags are made from inferior quality teas and herbs. Use a strainer or browse through our tea accessories section for some help! Share with your friends. Here are some teas that college students around the country like.

Long Term Brain Power

Short term stimulation is okay, but long term mental energy is what you really need to succeed in school. Here are some easy-to-take herbal and tea supplements that will help with your long term mental energy.

Stress Protection

We’ve been there…. College is stressful. We have something great that really reduces stress while improving focus and memory. If you feel “tense,” try the Great Stabilizer. If you feel anxious or fragile, try Albizia Flower Drops. If you feel these excessively, go see a counselor or a doctor at your health service.

Concentration Support

You’ve got to concentrate to do well in your classes. Tea has been proven in many studies to improve concentration AND memory. We have a couple of very concentrated forms of tea that will definitely help you concentrate better.

Endurance Support

Some herbs have been used by students and scholars for centuries in Asia to increase endurance. With a lot of good nutrients in your blood and brain, you’ll increase you endurance – that’s why you should consider taking a teaspoon or two of Tonic Alchemy every day to. It has thousands of useful nutritional components.

Memory Support

Two thirds of your job as a student is to be a good memorizer. Tonic herbs have been shown to improve memory.

Creativity Support

Herbs certainly do affect the brain. Every college student knows that. There are some good safe tonic herbs that have been associated with increased creativity.

Your Skin

What’s more important to you, your brain or your skin? Well, that’s a close call. Stress, dorm or campus food, too little sleep and being young all are primary factors for having poor skin. There are several herbal supplements that really help keep your skin healthy, clear and vibrant. If you have big issues, contact one of our licensed herbalists for a free consultation, no strings attached.

Your Immune System – Protection

You live in a tight-knit community and things can spread quickly. You don’t need downtime. Here are herbal supplements you can take all the time to keep your immune system in prime condition. You only need to pick one of these, then take it every day as directed.

Your Immune System – On the Edge

You don’t need downtime. Here are herbal supplements you can take to strengthen your immune system when things are getting sketchy. You only need to pick one of these, then take it for a few days as directed.

Goodluck in school!

Get good grades, have fun, stay healthy, find yourself and finish!

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