Antioxidant Support

To thrive, we need nearly continual antioxidant support. We can obtain many important antioxidants from our food. But all tonic herbs and superfoods contain rich supplies of antioxidants too, and in most cases in abundance. Not only that, the tonic herbs and superfoods contain novel antioxidants that cannot be obtained in our diet, and these unique antioxidants tend to target our organs and tissues that our diet would miss.  Some are many times more potent than Vitamin C, the benchmark for antioxidant activity.

It is no coincidence that the tonic herbs are powerful antioxidants, as antioxidant activity is fundamental to glowing health. Though we produce innate antioxidants (SOD, Glutathione and Catalase), we really need dietary sources of multiple antioxidants on a daily basis to thrive. This is why the tonic herbs and superfoods stand out among all the foods and teas we consume as super-nutrients, super-protectors, super-adaptogens.

The following table shows the tonic herbs and superfoods that have potent antioxidant activity:

American Ginseng Citrus Peal Goji Pau d’Arco Schizandra
Achyranthes Codonopsis Gynostemma Pearl Scutellaria (baicalin)
Agaricus Coptis Hawthorne Berry Perilla seed oil Sea Buckthorn fruit
Alisma Cordyceps He Shou Wu Pinellia Shilajit
Ashitaba Cornus Hydrilla Platycodon Snow Lotus
Ashwaganda Curcumin Ilex Polygala Tea
Asparagus root Cyperus Jujube date Polyrhachis Ant Tongkat Ali
Astragalus Dang Gui Korean Ginseng Poria Tree Peony
Atractylodes Dendrobium Licorice Prince Ginseng Tribulus herb
Black Maca Desert Cistanche Ligusticum Pueraria Uncaria
Bupleurum Dioscorea Longan Rehmannia Vinpocetine
Cacao Eleuthero Luo han guo fruit Reishi White Peony
Caralluma Epimedium Matcha Reishi spore oil Wild Snow Chrysanthemum
Chaga Eucommia Morinda root Resveratrol Wild woody mushrooms
Chinese Ginseng Gardenia fruit Muscadine Grape skin Rhodiola Zizyphus
Chrysanthemum Ginger Notoginseng Rhubarb root  
Cinnamon bark and twig Gingko Ophiopogon Salacia  

Following are some sample mini-programs one can use to target antioxidant activity to specific regions of the body:





Heart and Vascular


Digestive System

Bones and Joints


Cutting Edge Vitamin C, A Profound Antioxidant

Dragon Herbs is happy to offer PureWay-C®, a cutting-edge complex of ascorbic acid with lipid metabolites that enhance the cellular uptake, function in the body, and retention of vitamin C. This form of Vitamin C is the latest generation of Vitamin C. Though most people have grown numb to the importance of vitamin C in our diet, it remains a critically important nutrient that has many more health benefits than were once recognized.

Though we can easily obtain a good amount of vitamin C from the food and beverages we consume, much of it is ultimately not absorbed into the body and made available to our cells. And of course, it is not guaranteed that every day anyone will ingest their full requirement of vitamin C.

It used to be thought that the main reason to take vitamin C was to ward off colds and prevent scurvy. Now researchers know that vitamin C plays a pivotal role in the aging process and in health maintenance on a much deeper and broader scale. If you eat perfectly, you may or may not need to supplement. But if you’re not sure then PureWay-C® is a supplement you should consider.

PureWay-C® is more rapidly absorbed and leads to higher plasma and cellular levels of vitamin C than ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate or Ester-C. The appropriate amount of calcium is also added to buffer the formula and make the product non-acidic. A citrus bioflavonoid complex enhances vitamin C’s benefits.

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