Yoga Support

Yoga is a path to superior fitness, and it may be a path to enlightenment. That depends on your goals. Either way, yoga is both demanding and rewarding. Like all great things, yoga is a journey that takes years to reap the full rewards. Along the path, of course, there is progress and attainment. Every day you do yoga is a good day. Yoga, of all practices, can produce miraculous results. Some yogis and yoginis completely transform both their bodies and minds, as well as their spiritual being. But yoga only leads to the greatest results as part of a complete lifestyle that features holistic living and conscious behavior. It requires support. Diet, emotional management, living in harmony with the environment and seasons, lifestyle regulation, sexual regulation, cleansing and other such factors all play into your yoga practice. Herbs have been used by yogis and yoginis for three thousand years to support their practice and evolution. Dragon Herbs offers many herbs and herbal products that can help you achieve the level you seek.

Traditional Yogic Support

Here are some of the herbs and products that have traditionally been consumed by yoga practitioners in India for thousands of years.

Supporting the Yoga Journey

Dragon Herbs offers a very wide variety of products that can support every aspect of your journey. The journey is a long one, so it is wise to develop a program that you can comply with and that has cumulative benefits. These are some of the options.

Yoga Mind Support

You want to strengthen your brain and mind. Through your mind you commune with the universe. Supporting your brain health and fortifying your mind are paramount in achieving true happiness.

Lungs and Breathing

Through breath you harmonize your body, mind and spirit. Through breath you acquire prana, the primal vitality of the universe and of your life. Through breath you gain energy and clarity of thought and emotion. Through breath you control your organs, functions and chakras.


Of course, yoga at any level requires strength, and at higher levels requires extraordinary strength. Tonic herbs can support the building of strength and inner power at the highest level.


Flexibility comes with stretching and time. However, there are herbs and foods that loosen the sinews and joints, aid the flexibility and tensile strength of connective tissues, improve circulation in the limbs and back and promote a sex of relaxation. Here are a few of these.


Mental strength and concentration are central to your success and progress on your yogic journey. Herbs can provide profound support to your ability to concentrate during your yoga, meditation and throughout life.

Emotional Centering

Never-ending cosmic bliss is the end-all emotional state of yoga practice. Short of that, a high level of constant joy, love and wisdom can be achieved by most people. Tonic herbs play a profound long term role in the brain and mind changes that lead to that result.

Living in Harmony with the Environment and Seasons

The yogis of old lived very natural lives. We can live naturally even if we live an urban life. No matte where you live, you need to allow your body to synchronize with the natural environment and seasons. Herbs support that adaptability and capacity to harmonize with Gaia.

Lifestyle Regulation

You may wish to adjust your lifestyle to be completely supportive of your yogic journey. Adaptogens support virtually all lifestyle adjustments because they adjust and energize your capacity to live a solid lifestyle.

Sexual Regulation

In one way or another sexual energy is at the root of much of one’s yoga. This topic is discussed in detail in another section. Of course, some yoga is directly sexual, some requires abstinence and for many of you, your sex life will remain as you have chosen as a lifestyle decision. Here, we suggest some herbs and formulations that are not sexually stimulating but do provide the deep inner primal power that can be tapped and directed as you choose, and some that help restore spent sexual energy.


Many people who practice yoga seriously choose to take active measures to cleanse their body. Herbs and superfoods play a central role in detoxification processes.

Superfood Diet

Your diet plays a key role in your health and well-being. It also plays a key role in your yoga practice. You will of course develop your own diet. Hopefully it will be both functional and gloriously satisfying. Here are some ways we can contribute to a highly functional, gloriously satisfying diet. You may choose to consume these superfoods straight, or in food preparation or in a blender drink. They all provide high potency nutrition and energy.

Enlightened Teas

Tea is an important part of your diet and health regimen. Dragon Herbs offers a range of extraordinary teas that contribute to your yogic journey.

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