Papaya Enzyme

Papaya Enzyme

  • Supports digestion
  • Naturally sweet and vegetarian
  • Contain papain, a natural and effective proteolytic enzyme
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Product Description

Naturally sweet, vegetarian Papaya Enzyme tablets from the papaya melon are rich in proteolytic enzymes that can greatly aid the digestive process, especially meals that contain concentrated forms of protein. Papain cleaves the peptide bonds of complex proteins, breaking them down to their individual amino acids. Amino acids, of course, are necessary for the growth and repair of the body.

Ingredients: Papain enzyme (15mg), Alpha Amylase enzyme (2mg), Protease enzyme (2mg)

Traditional Function
Digetive health support
Who can use it?
100 tablets
Other Ingredients
Fructose, Calcium Carbonate, Papaya flavor, Vegetable Stearin, Corn starch, Magnesium Stearate
Adults chew one (1) tablet with meals, or as directed by a health care professional.
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