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  1. Bamboo Treasure Shelf
    Bamboo Treasure Shelf
    • Store, organize and display your herbal supplements with this 3-tier bamboo shelf
    • Optimize your counter/shelf surface area by maximizing the vertical space within the footprint of a legal pad
    • Find any product with ease. Each tier is 2¼” tall, much taller than most shelf organizers on the market. The front rows do not block the product names in the back.
    • 2 drawers to store small miscellaneous goodies, one at the front and a hidden one in the back, perfect for your secret stash of goodies.
    • Bamboo is an easily renewable resource. Certain species of bamboo can grow 3 feet within a 24-hour period, at a rate of almost 1.6 inch an hour.

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  2. Glass Tea and Elixir Maker 20 oz Replacement Lid
  3. Glass Tea Elixir Maker 20 Oz.
  4. Glass Tea Elixir Maker 32 Oz.
  5. Glass Tincture Dispenser Amber 4.2 oz (125 ml)
    Glass Tincture Dispenser Amber 4.2 oz (125 ml)
    • This glass bottle is ideal for storing and dispensing tinctures
    • Pull-plug motion vs. screwing-unscrewing means dispensing from the bottle is both fast and easy
    • The interior walls of both the bottle and the dropper are sanded, providing a tight seal: can be used for alcoholic liquid, essential oils, and reagents.
    • Amber glass protects against harmful UV waves
    • The pipette has a 1.5 ml storage chamber, twice the dispensing volume of a 2 oz. dropper bottle
    • Permanent enamel graduation markings make content level monitoring quick and easy. 10 ml increment.
    • Resistant to acids, alkalis, and heat. Commonly used to store reagents in tough laboratory environment.
    • Red rubber bulb adds a splash of color and flare
    • Rectangular white labelling area
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  6. Goodlight Natural Candle 24 – pack
  7. Goodlight Natural Candles 6 – pack
  8. Portable Infrared Burner
    Portable Infrared Burner
    • Compatible with all cookware
      Glass, ceramic, and all types of metal such as stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum.
    • Fast
      Heats up within seconds.
    • Safe
      Infrared emits no harmful electromagnetic radiation EMF (induction cooktop) or air pollutants such as benzene or methane (gas stove).
    • Infrared is used therapeutically in medicine
      Pain alleviation, tissue repair, wound healing, ulcer healing, hair growth, psoriasis control, etc.
    • Multi-functional
      Can be used as a cooktop, tea stove or food warmer.
    • 5-level temperature control
      From 10W-1000W, the 5-level temperature control dial lets you set the ideal heating temperature.
    • Uniform
      Uniform cooking, no blank spots across the entire heating plate.
    • Easy to clean
      Can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.
    • Compact & Portable
      Only 2.4 LB, 9” W x 9.5" L. Perfect for home, office, dorm, RV, travel, etc.
    • No noise
      Stainless steel housing requires no fan. Silent operation.
    • Certified
      ETL listed, certified to conform to UL standard 1026.
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  9. Silicone Teatube Brush (Purple)
  10. Silicone Teatube Brush (Teal)

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