Blossom Teas

Handcrafted blossom teas are an extraordinary and beautiful method of preparing very high quality tea. Following an age–old tradition, tea artisans bind Silver Needle White Tea leaves along with one or more flavorful, beautiful, and highly aromatic flowers, forming them into balls of different shapes. Give Mom the gift of blossom teas!

My Cup of Tee™

Ever used the expression “Not my cup of Tea?” Well, not any more with this My Cup of Tee™ system. The collection features variety of classic premium loose leaf teas in glass tea tubes and 4-slot bamboo bases to display and organize the tea tubes. Mix and match to create a set (or two) that fits your Mom's personality!

Desktop Botanical Garden

Go Functional • Go Beautiful • Go Botanical

Featuring elegant tea and elixir makers with premium, health promoting, tonic herb packs. Delights your Mom with the set and promote her health at the same time!

Premium Loose Leaf Teas

Dragon Herbs offers a variety of world class teas from China, grown under the most pure conditions and produced according to time-honored and equally scientifically sound practices. All Dragon Herbs teas are Di Tao, meaning that the plants grow in valleys and on hills where they have been growing for centuries. Most of Dragon Herbs teas are now certified organically grown.


Instant Herbal Granules

Dragon Herbs' eeTee™ uses a cutting edge full spectrum cold extraction technology called FITT™ (Fingerprint Identical Transfer Technology) to release both the water soluble and alcohol soluble compounds. FITT™ captures the aroma, color and taste of botanicals almost identically.

Help Mom stay glowingly beautiful!
  1. Pearl Shen
    • Ultimate grade Shen tonic formulation
    • Helps to develop a peaceful attitude
    • Supports mental strength and clarity
    • Based on ancient Taoist principles
    • Made with awesome premium quality herbs
    • Duanwood Reishi, Amber Powder, Pearl Powder, Spirit Poria, Albizia flower and other premium herbs
    • Superb for those who seek spiritual well-being
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  2. Magu's Treasure
    • Premium women's tonic for women
    • Ultimate female beauty tonic
    • Composed of highly prized herbal substances
    • Supports healthy beautiful aging
    • Enriches the skin
    • Contains Pure Pearl powder, Deer Antler tips, Deer Placenta, Royal Jelly powder, Schizandra berry, Dang Gui root, Longan fruit and 4 other premium tonic herbs
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  3. Natural Woman - Bupleurum & Peony
    • A classic women's balancing formula
    • Nourishes blood and regulates menstruation
    • Stabilizes Shen and dispels heat
    • Very famous for its ability to stabilize mood swings around menstrual period
    • Traditionally known as Bupleurum and Peony Combination
    • Made with premium quality raw materials
    • Oil trap captures all essential oils so they are in this herbal extract
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Free Consultations

Have questions? Herbal consultations are complimentary and are available in person and over the phone to qualified accounts.¹

1 Complimentary consultations are available only to qualified accounts with current contact information (email, phones, mail address). Complicated cases may be subject to fees at Dragon Herbs herbalists’ discretion, with prior approval from the client.

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