Nurturing Our Blood - Rehmannia Root

Rehmannia is one of the premier tonic herbs of Chinese herbalism. Among its many qualities, it is one of the most important blood tonics. Dragon Herbs offers several powerful Rehmannia-based formulations.

Rehmannia Six Combination

This is the basic Rehmannia formulation of Chinese herbalism. It was created nearly two thousand years ago. It is a great blood tonic and a great Jing tonic.

Shou Wu Formulation

This formula is designed as a blood tonic that also restores Jing. It contains the major blood tonics described in this section like He Shou Wu and Rehmannia.

Hair and Nails

Hair and Nails is a blood tonic that is tropic to the scalp and nails. It helps nourish the hair and nails for healthier growth.

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