Sel Gris French Sea Salt

Sel Gris French Sea Salt

  • The most well-known gourmet sea salt of France
  • The sanctified staple of French cuisine
  • Hand-harvested from clay-lined salt ponds of Guérande region in France
  • Characteristic briny flavor iconic in French cuisine
  • Rich in over 50 trace minerals
  • Crunchy texture
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Product Description

Sel Gris French Sea Salt is hand-harvested from the clay-lined salt ponds in the Guérande region of France. It is the most well-known gourmet sea salt of France. Sel Gris has a crunchy texture that works well with grilled sea food, roasted potatoes and root vegetables. The characteristic briny flavor is iconic in French cuisine and pairs perfectly with a wide variety of foods, from roasted nuts to stews and salads to cookies. Use this delicious sea salt as a substitute for everyday table salt.

Ingredients: Sel Gris French Sea Salt

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7.0 oz. (200 g)
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