World Class Elixir Bars

Health should be fun, and it should be a way of life. At our tonic elixir bar, you can enjoy our delicious, health promoting drinks. We offer hot and cold herbal elixirs in a wide range of styles, ranging from cocktails to smoothies to straight shots (for the hardcore herbal aficionado.)

We specialize in tonic elixirs that deliver profound health benefits. Our menu features tonic herbs from every corner of the world. Among the tonic elixirs offered are Longevity Tea, Tonic Alchemy, Ginseng Lemonade, Beauty Tea, Tibetan Magic and Healer's Tea, just to name a few. You will find Dragon Herbs tonic bar a healthy and delightful alternative to bars, coffee houses, and other social gathering places, Dragon Herbs' tonic bar is a place to learn, meet amazing people, and experience the greatest herbs from around the world.

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