Teas (Camellia Sinensis)

Choosing the Right Tea (Camellia sinensis) – Choosing among the typical tea types for yourself or someone else is not exactly easy. That is probably why the expression of “not my cup of tea” exists. We have a solution for this common problem. We have created an illustrative infographic, comparing the most common caffeinated teas (Camellia sinensis) from various aspects: processing, taste, caffeine content, ease on the stomach, etc.

Tea Chart

The tea comparison chart can be downloaded for your reference or for sharing with your friends and family. We hope you find it helpful and informative.

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  1. Five Jasmines Blossom Tea in glass jar
  2. Sun Shine Blossom Tea in glass jar
  3. Coix in glass jar
  4. American Ginseng Beard in Glass Jar 
  5. Aged Citrus Peel in Glass Jar
    Aged Citrus Peel in Glass Jar
    • Peel of the ripe tangerines, sun-dried and aged naturally
    • Regulates Qi and normalizes functions of the Spleen and stomach
    • Assists digestion and assimilation
    • Gentle but powerful herb used by billions of people throughout the ages
    • Perfect after a big meal
    • Perfect for DBG (Desktop Botanical Garden™ brewing and serving system)
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  6. Dang Gui in Glass Jar
  7. He Shou Wu, Prepared, in Glass Jar
  8. Goji berries in Glass Jar
    Goji berries in Glass Jar
    • 100% Natural sundried Goji berries
    • Heaven Mountain Goji Berries are widely regarded by connoisseurs in China and around the world as the best Goji berries in the world
    • Snack grade delicious
    • Plump and naturally sweet
    • Herb grade serious – more than a superfruit, Goji is one of the major tonic herbs
    • Extraordinary, balanced phytonutrient content
    • Di Tao from Heaven Mountain
    • No chemicals have ever touched these berries or the plants from which they are derived
    • No sugar, colors or preservatives
    • Rich in natural vitamin C and Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharides (LBPs)
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  9. Cultured Cordyceps in Glass Jar
  10. Longan in Glass Jar

107 items

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